Sushi! Fusion!

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Nothing excites Bwog more (especially after a long Saturday night) than the mention of a new Japanese fusion restaurant. Located at 104th and Broadway (right near Supercuts!), Sushi Tokyo Pop seems committed to curbing gastronomic orientalism with odd items such as a “suprisingly successful” smoked eel and mozzarella roll. In any case, since it’s Sunday, and it’s beautiful outside, and you don’t want to do work, this could be helpful.

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  1. umm

    according to the Times article you link to and get your information from, you've got the name of the restaurant wrong. it's Tokyo Pop.

  2. UptownGirl

    It's truly yummy, though the service is still a bit spotty. Pricey but worth it. If you are not in a rush, and can suffer through the server growing pains, you will be richly rewarded. Plus the sushi chefs are funny, gracious and dreamy, a delightful complement to the cold sake and glam rolls.

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