Powers of Seduction

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An anonymous tipster reports an equally anonymous Columbia student who is using Facebook profiles to find girls’ screen names. Once he finds an appropriate screen name, the aforementioned student logs on under a false screen name—OneSweeetgurlie—and pretends to be a dear friend from home, all in an attempt to get a picture. Transcript of an actual conversation after the jump.

OneSweeetgurlie: omg how are you?
———-: i’m great how are you?
OneSweeetgurlie: i miss u
OneSweeetgurlie: im so miserable
OneSweeetgurlie: school =(
OneSweeetgurlie: i been IMin, textin, emaling, callin everyone i kno
OneSweeetgurlie: EVERYONE i could think up of
OneSweeetgurlie: i wish i could call u but i been callin so many
people for help and now my cell is dead and no charger to be found
OneSweeetgurlie: today is the deadline to submit my photogrpahy proj
to make up an incomplete from last semester
OneSweeetgurlie: its due in 3 hrs
OneSweeetgurlie: i thought it was due next month
OneSweeetgurlie: i emailed my prof and she like she cant do anything
but i need it in her email asap
OneSweeetgurlie: even worse! im goin to lose a $2000 scholarship if i
fail the class because my gpa will drop below 3.0
OneSweeetgurlie: im cryin and sooo stresseddd
OneSweeetgurlie: omg do you by any chance have a digital camear?

Clearly, OneSweeetgurlie is not in the Business School.

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  1. he

    are you sure it's a he? that's freakishly accurate girlspeak.

  2. Ah

    Isn't this the oldest trick in the e-stalking book? Did anyone actually give the creep a photo?

  3. erm

    who the hell wouldn't actually ask for a _name_?? what's he going to say, "Jane Doe"?

  4. bwored

    bwog, you are getting boring. post interesting stuff.

  5. um, why?

    I'm going to comment here on the Jessica post, since you can't on the post itself. I want to ask you, Bwog, why you posted it. Shouldn't having to turn off the comments feature because you're afraid someone might say something inappropriate be an indication that it's not a good idea to be posting the article in the first place? The email went out to the whole campus—what function did repeating it here serve? Why would you feel a need to blog about her death on a forum that's usually a place people turn for levity. You really make yourselves seem useless when you then follow up on your pointless, depressing, and sanctimonious posting by noting that Spec has already got the story perfectly well covered.

  6. not to defend them but...

    the email didn't go to Barnard students.

  7. why?

    yeah. and i didn't read the spectator article untill i saw this link.

  8. c'mon

    bwog, you're better than this, c'mon. this post is stupid and that conversation is probably fabricated. please.

  9. vindication

    Now that the people in the LLC, at least, have been emailed about this, I think Bwog can pat itself on the back.

  10. ??

    "now that the people in the llc..."


  11. Oops

    It happened to alot of people.

  12. quiqui  

    and the nypd were/are involved.

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