1. mr. smug

    again, I'm ever so glad I chose john jay over carman freshman year. I mean, literary appreciation, or geographical ignorance?

  2. um

    that's john jay 6, their RA is darcy elgin.

  3. mr. smug


  4. mat

    yah but first-years are also reading pride and prejudice in lit hum right now, if I'm not mistaken.

  5. yeah

    but obviously this was a ra appreciation day thing. cute idea, but still.

  6. ya, but

    Half of CC first years are also currently sleeping through Darcy Kelley's lectures in fronteirs. Coincidence?

  7. MK

    as the person who cut out those letters, i have to say that they are for Darcy, the best RA in the world...and one of the hottest raptors on campus.

  8. duh

    i'm one of her residents. She's the best RA ever!! We love her! plus...she's totally hot.

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