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Bwog Correspondent Jim Williams reports:

An unfortunate typo (or, rather, what I hope was a typo) in today’s
Spec article about the Center for Broken Thought’s inaugural event
claims that the movement is “inspired by thinkers like Nietzsche,
Bataille, Artaud, and Shamu.” Yes, Shamu. The whale from Free

Had the mistake been caught and fixed prior to publication, the
article would have referenced Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlu, whose work
bears resemblance to the ideas presented in The Breaking.

Those interested in more information would be well advised to do a
comparative study of the two illustrious figures’ respective
websites, shamlu.com and shamu.com. Each, in its own way, is
tremendously enlightening.

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  1. sir paul

    mother superior jump the gun

  2. paul s.

    I thought that "Shamu" was slang for the general "killer whale" species until the year 2003.

  3. me

    Yeah, hm, I think the whale from Free Willy was actually named Willy.

  4. Ben Wheeler

    This might be a good time to mention that recently, the whale from Free Willy (who is not Shamu) tried to mate with his animatronic stunt double.

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