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These excerpts were culled from documents left on Columbia and Barnard lab computers. We encourage our readers to submit their own digitalia finds to us, via e-mail, at [email protected].

A large glacier lumbered off in the distance, shyly beckoning, like a drowsy sheepdog.

Chiarra had enjoyed broiled lobster tails with a Hennessey, straight. She had peeled 15 broiled shrimp for JR. He had looked her in the eyes when she fed him the first one and told her sweetly, “they taste better when you do that for me.” JR had his cornball moments but they simply melted Chiarra. The country white folk looked on in disgust as this beautiful white woman fed some black hoodlum hand to mouth. Chiarra met each of one of their hateful, yet curious gazes now and again with a genuine smile as if she might not realize these bar regular’s disgust. But JR egged their ignorance on, for his own self enjoyment. “Which car do I have again? Did I hand you the right keys Shorts? You have Porsche or the Range Rover keys?” His smile revealed to Chiarra he was doing all this on purpose. He was on a stage.

Boccaccio is a misinformed feminist

What happened to ‘Made in America ‘? Did it ever really exist?

This stem fits quite comfortably into the contracting fingers of an outstretched human hand, which would contently capture this object, to fill the elegant arching curves of the stem: up, down.

Upside down, the object is elevated by the curves in overall structure that typically result in the jutting of the oval endpoint out into the world, raising the object above the surface in a way that suggests a desire to pull itself, escape the journey into the mouth of its captor that is hopelessly unavoidable.

Tarzan’s whiteness, however, does not merely guide him to perform remarkable physical feats and achieve intellectual success, but it also leads him to feel virtuous human emotion.

Today’s world is full of high-speed technology that allows us to gain access to multitudinous amounts of information in a short period of time. It is a world full of media bias. Today’s world is comprised of myopic people. It is a world full of hatred via class divisions, religious beliefs, and skin color. These are not all independent thoughts, but rather a web of social causes and effects that make ‘today’s world’ the delightfully gruesome place it is.

Said creates a perfect image that combining all of our sources, we can find the “synthetic wholeness” that surrounds a situation. The words imply interwoven fabrics of source that would be making our blanket of truth.

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