Time to Engage in Some Cyber-Creep Baiting

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The Bwog is pissed at whoever this loser is trying to get naked pictures of Columbia girls over AIM. Mostly because the Bwog really does have a naked picture photo assignment due, and now nobody believes us. We know you do, though. Just send those pictures on in to [email protected] and we’ll make sure they get to the appropriate parties. Er, professors.

Offical public safety warning past the cut:

Recently, several students have become the victims of an Internet Scam. These students have received instant messages on their computers from unknown persons, purportedly friends of the students. The unknown persons request that the students send personal (nude) photos, which the friends allegedly need, for a photography class. All of the victims believe that their contact information and the names of their friends were obtained from facebook.com.

If you receive an instant message similar to these, please contact the Department of Public Safety immediately. Don’t send any personal photos or other information via the Internet. Public Safety can be reached at 212-854-0377.

To add to the above, it seems that this stalker is targeting girls in sororities in particular. The screenname that has been reported as being used by the stalker is onesweeetgurlie. You may want to block this screenname, and change your facebook preferences so that your personal contact information can only be seen by people you know.

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  1. Alyona!

    WOW! I was wondering why my sweet, conscientious pre-med friend didn't reply when I asked her about her roommate (one of our friends from school!) and was taking a photography class! How strange and sad! I knew this would happen when they opened facebook up to high schoolers!

  2. Erf

    Well, they can't view our profiles anyhow.

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