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Girl for Guy

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Name: Hyun Young Kim (HY)

School: CC

Year: 2009

Major: Art History / Linguistics

Hometown: Seoul

Housing Lottery Number: 1800’s

Top three songs according to iTunes’ play count:

Still Fighting It – Ben Folds

La Caution – The a la menthe

Desperado – The Eagles

You’re trapped on a desert island with three foods– what are they?

Pomegranate, dark chocolate, mango smoothie.

Describe your favorite pair of underwear.

Bright yellow (with pink border) briefs.

It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon– where can you be found?

In my room, painting or doing homework.

Nightmare date in three words or less:

He doesn’t pay! (Just kidding – awkward, awkward, awkward.)

So, what are you doing after college?

Hopefully in Paris or anywhere in Europe, studying.

Really? Oui.

Complete the sentence: When I first came to Columbia, I thought…

Wow, this place is really diverse. (I went to a prep school in Massachusetts, that explains why.)

Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC?

Backstreet Boys (although they’re middle aged men now)

Hyun! You’re the one for me!



  1. wise thinker

    why don't you set them up with each other

  2. Josh Groban

    Why are Columbia students so hideous?

  3. Ugly Fat Chick

    That's it! I'm filing a hate crime against this Dan character, on behalf of all ugly fat chicks.

  4. good lord, people

    this dan toledano character:

    • wears a furry robe

    • is from massachusetts

    • prefers boxer briefs

    • wants to spend the rest of his life on an island filled with beef

    let's be realistic here:

    his best date bets are probably in chelsea. or nyu.

  5. cc guy

    I would totally go out with hyun young kim if she takes me to paris with her.

  6. MEN!

    someone should tell this little boy that if his qualification for dates is they not be fat...most intelligent ladies will understand that to mean he's a shallow ass.

    just saying is all.

  7. me

    I think that they're both dreamy

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