1. arg

    Apparently, Kulawik wasn't listening in IR class.

  2. however

    it does appear kulawik already has at least one job after he leaves columbia: http://corner.nationalreview.com/06_04_02_corner-archive.asp#094278

  3. ttan

    I like how the Spectator headline identifies an attendee of BARNARD COLLEGE as a "CU Student".

  4. Jesus

    I wish Kulawik would lay off the martyr routine. You are not in danger of being expelled for your silly Spec columns.

    • though

      agree Jesus...in fact its more ironic because Kulawik is probably the spec's best (in terms of popularity-he's actually gained traction oustide of the campus repeatedly) editorial writer and also seems to do a very good job in terms of teh occasional investigative journalism (even if his conclusions aren't necessarily all the reasonable)

      • spec opinion

        look at the alternatives to kulawik:

        1. freshmen columnists (yay we're new yorkers! ew john jay food!)

        2. sex columnista (who writes about the same guy over and over, or hate crimes, instead)

        3. socialist fanatic (die prez bo die!!!!!!!)

        4. loopy "ain't life weird" vignette columns (the epiphany I had one day outside butler...)

        the spec seriously needs a new editorial staff next year. this is pathetic.

  5. ttan

    Should I rejoin Spec opinion? I'm kind of pissed over who they replaced me and Dennis Schmelzer with.

  6. ttan

    Also, I miss the hate mail. :(

  7. in my opinion

    no, Tao, you shouldn't.

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