Stupefaction by a Theme

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Bwog correspondent Jim Williams received an e-mail this morning with the following heading:


He needed to speak out:

In addition to the fact that the mere existance of a Wizard of
Oz/Wicked themed semi-formal for college sophmores (read: 20-year-olds)
is just…well, a huge joke, does anyone else think it’s hilarious that
the creators of this ad felt the need to specify that the room in which
this event is going to occur will, in fact, have a floor?

Imagine a yellow brick road leading up to an enormous tent
glittered with green lights. Step inside to a fully heated, floored room
with a dance floor, a live band, a DJ, food from Manna Catering, a
dessert bar from Columbia Catering, and palm trees. This image will
become a reality at the Emerald City Semi-Formal on Saturday night!

Looks like now I can go, because all of my concerns about the event
taking place in a huge abyss where we all dance in free-fall have
finally been put to rest.

Also worthy of note is the last line of the email:

Open to SEAS’08, CC’08, JTS’08, Barnard’08, GS’08, and JTS’08.

This implies that event organizers want JTS kids to attend twice as much as
the rest of us.



  1. Wow

    News has been reaaallly slow today huh.

  2. Yawn

    Formals are *so* high school.

  3. Dear wow

    Quit bitching. Not everything has to be earth-shaking or side-splitting to be valuable.

    And you know you read bwog obsessively.

  4. Nonon

    "This implies that event organizers want JTS kids to attend twice as much as the rest of us."

    More like three times, considering JTSers are a part of GS.

  5. floor

    um, dance floor kinda implies something different from a fixed plane you can stand on. there's not really a joke there.

  6. jts

    why are jts kids increasingly included in columbia's little alphabet soup? did they feel left out? discriminated against? what about uts (union theological seminary)'ers?

    • JJ

      quite frankly...yes. jts freshmen were excluded from the winter formal, not to mention half of orientation. we're cu undergrads who pay full tuition with few of the benefits. kudos to the '08 councils for recognizing that fact.

      • hamilton

        ...and yet another columbia "affiliate" tries to lay claim to the name and prestige of the university, which ultimately derives from columbia college.

        • engineer who?

          . . . and yet another Columbia College student forgets that SEAS exists. Eh, we're used to it.

        • JJ

          Excuse me? This Columbia "affiliate" is a proud GS undergrad currently taking the same classes you are with the same professors (which reminds me - I have to go read Crime and Punishment for Lit Hum). I'm sorry if you think I'm trying to take away your prestige, you elitist snob, but I honestly couldn't be - no time between the 21 credits I'm taking and work at the Spec, with College Dems, and at the Hillel. Honestly man, get informed.

  7. master of the obvious

    yeah but it's also being held in a tent on south lawn...

  8. Mark

    This event is occurring on South Lawn. The "dance floor" in stark contrast to grass.

  9. uts

    is not an undergraduate institution

  10. not SEAS

    I agree that the wording could have been better -- and proofreading would have fixed the duplicate JTS -- but the venue had changed from Low to the South Lawn. I think the advertisers didn't want people to think that they'd be dancing on grass.

    Besides, the campus cobblestones are hard enough to walk on if you're in heels; grass adds insult to injury.

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