1. Chien-Ming Junipero Wang

    That is one of the most horrifying and poorly edited videos I have ever seen in my life. Not to mention giving our abundant Asian student body a bad name.

  2. RA

    David Ali, where is your answer?

  3. Ugh

    Most of his issues have absolutely nothing to do with the Senate.

  4. Stephen

    now if only the candidates would start making adam sandberg-esque rap videos.

  5. wtf

    wtf I thought you had to know how to speak english to get into columbia

  6. friend

    The fact I am in the video is an endorsement. I wouldn't be there if I didn't believe he cared and was dedicated to the position. He was the first one out there on the steps yesterday and the last one to leave. Support him - he will work hard for all of us.

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