Bwog’s “Exit” “Poll”

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Anna Corke reports in from CCSC voting on Low Plaza, nabbing some choice quotes and conducting a quick exit poll. Voting continues on Low until 7pm tonight and starts up against 9am tomorrow. For a full list of voting times and locations, see comments.

Results of an extremely unscientific and brief exit poll:

2009 Class Council
Flex: 0
Fusion: 5 votes

2008 Class Council
The Lions: 1 vote
[Access]: 2 votes

2007 Class Council
116th: 0 votes
The Opposition Party: 0 votes

The Executive Board
Open Columbia: 5 votes
Evolution: 9 votes


Voter: Can I smoke while voting?
Facilitator: Of course! How many other places in America actually allow that!

Bwog: Why are you voting today?
Voter: I’m here to support my friends. I’m not really doing it for the…ya know…
[ed.- glory?, ass?]
Line-waiter: Oh the line is long! I’m discouraged…
Other Line-waiter: Let’s go to the Jesus Week. There’s no line over there.

Voter: Can we vote twice?
Facilitator: Yeah, we all do!
Voter: No, really, how do you tell if someone’s voted.
Facilitator: That’s what the stickers are for.
Voting facilitator: These voting stickers, we’ve got to start distributing these better!

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  1. Bwog

    Monday, April 10:

    Low Plaza: 9am – 7pm

    Schapiro Lobby: 9 – 11am

    Carman Lobby: 12:30 – 5pm

    Wien Lounge: 12:30 – 2pm

    John Jay Lobby: 4 – 7pm

    Tuesday, April 11:

    Low Plaza: 9am – 7pm

    Broadway Lobby: 9 – 11am

    McBain Computer Lounge: 12:30 – 5pm

    John Jay Lobby: 5 – 7pm

  2. pollster

    check out the straw poll at boredatbutler.com and VOTE!

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