Maybe this will make them happy

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Renzo piano

‘subtly layered urban experience’
‘the weight of history and the lightness of clouds’
‘the work of a master who has reached full maturity.’

Esoteric new form of free verse? No–just selections from today’s New York Times review of the latest creation of Renzo Piano, the Italian architect whom Columbia has retained to design its space-agey new campus in Manhattanville.

Somehow, Bwog doubts that the NYT’s rave is going to make these guys roll over and let Columbia move in.

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  1. pro renzo

    that ugly box he designed for the morgan library is not representative of piano's genius.

    n.b.: he also designed the new NY times tower. it has the potential to be quite cool. it also involved a couple evictions, too, which caused more concern then they ought to have. change is the motor of the city.

  2. Erf

    That building is fugly. I hope Manhattanville doesn't wind up looking like that.

  3. econ major

    i like evictions! evict! evict!

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