1. flex

    we are doomed under Flaxman. DOOMED I TELLS YA!

  2. ha

    Like the student council could doom anyone. Especially one headed by a very competent advocate backed by dedicated, fiercely intelligent, wonderful people. I mean really, do you even know them?

  3. chek

    get your links right, bwog

  4. disgruntled speccie

    "Unfortunately, the policy it changed—tailgating at Baker Field—was notable mostly for its unimportance. ...[OC's] goals are a lot more ambitious than promoting drinking at football games."

    This is a perfect example of why the Spec is so contantly full of shit. When the Baker Beer story broke, who was pounding the outrage down our throats? Who was pubishing entire pullout sports sections devoted to calling Dianne Murphy a traitorous teetotaller? And who would have nailed Michelle Oh's ass to the wall if she didn't spend every waking hour trying to bring back tailgating?

    Spectator--pissing on your leg and telling you it's raining since 1877.

    • relax

      you're overreacting. at the time of the baker story, it was an important, newsworthy issue. the point the editorial is making is valid because the ccsc needed to do more than what constituted a few articles/columns of news.

    • bwog

      who wrote this? you are a little angry, but i like your voice.

      • the guy who wrote comment #4

        thank you for complimenting my angry vioce.

        for whatever reason, the spec seems incapable of expressing a nuanced take on campus events. Over the past few years, they've staked out obvious stances on various campus issues, and colored their reporting to fit the bias (and here I mean both the news and opinion sections.) It's an irresponsible way to run a newspaper, especially when it has a near monopoly on daily news coverage.

        It's all the more fustrating to see Spec chastise someone for reacting to the outrage they helped foment.

  5. and remember

    At least theoretically, news has nothing to do with editorial, so even if news staffers thought BB was the most important activism since 1969, the e-board could still pooh-pooh it on the opinion page.

  6. antishocc

    more shocc bullshit. mona threw the guy out of the bar permanently but they're still upset because the bouncer attempted to explain his behavior. wtf?

  7. je t'aime miriam

    when is miriam going to write a column that's actually about sex again?

  8. good, decisive

    It's nice that this year's Spec endorsement actually encouraged voters one way or the other, no more of this "roll the dice" crap. It's good to know that Spec opinion can occasionally be opinionated.

  9. Stephen

    at least Miriam writes about sex sometimes.

    Kwame NEVER writes about sports. Then again he never writes anything substantive to begin with.

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