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If you missed this morning’s email from Michelle Oh, it’s a doozy. A few students figured out how to vote online without showing up at the official CCSC voting booth (the Bwog would be happy to introduce our student government to a concept known as “password protection”). In some kind of bid for fairness, now online voting is available for everyone. Prepare for turn-out to skyrocket. The real kicker, though, is at the end of Michelle’s email:

All candidates have been informed that it is in violation of the elections rules to solicit votes by directing students to the website in any way, which includes, but is not limited to: e-mail, AIM, or in-person. Candidates have been expressly prohibited from canvassing the residence halls for votes. If you feel you have been coerced or that your vote has been unduly influenced in any way, e-mail [email protected] immediately.

Where is SHOCC’s anti-oppression training when we need it most?

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  1. shocc skeptic

    From C4's email: shocc wants "manditory anti-oppressment training". PC nazis.

  2. help!

    i've been canvassed in my residence hall! this is dreadful! help me, elections committee, help me!

    why don't they just allow all types of campaigning?

  3. ttan

    From what I understand, a few years ago when SEAS first allowed online elections, certain candidates were walking around with laptops accessing the election sites wirelessly looking for votes.

  4. skeptic skeptic

    before c4 criticizes "manditory anti-oppressment training," it needs to learn how to spell and stop inventing words.

  5. J Train

    Quit it with the SHOCC jokes. I'd like to see you show as much courage as its members do.

    • non sequitur

      There level of courage is really beside the point -- heck I sympathize with some of their positions -- if major parts of their agenda are wrongheaded. Why can't people make simple jokes about them? Would that fall under their capacious definition of "hate crime" too. Nothing's wrong with someone on the sideline making jokes.

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