1. Well, now you've done it, Bwog

    You've gone and committed a hate crime! Expect the SHOCC whiners to come around any minute now...

  2. Whatever

    So says yet another idiot that just wants people to shut up and settle down, not mess up their "happy place."

    I don't agree with everything they're saying but trying to de-legitemize them like that is low "well."

    • Well, now you've done it, Bwog

      SHOCC de-legitimizes itself with its ridiculous agenda and list of demands.

      I have a real problem with any group that paints so broadly with the brush of racism. To suggest that a legitimate political protest like the C4 Bake Sale is somehow a hate crime does no favors to the cause of eliminating bias and hate. That's what is so offensive to me, and I imagine to many people on this campus, about SHOCC's demands.

      I happen to think AA is necessary and beneficial to society, but I appreciate and respect C4's right to hold their bake sale, because I can call it stupid based on the merits of their ideas rather than merely calling them a bunch of racists.

      We go here to learn how to be members of educated society, and part of that means interacting intelligently with people who have views that might offend you. The ridiculous parallels that SHOCC tries to draw between actual crimes like the Ruggles vandalism, and real intellectual, artistic, or humorous discourse that happens to touch on race, are a disservice to a community that should be built on rational debate.

  3. you idiot

    nobody's trying to de-legitimize anything.. most people just DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SHOCC and pissed off as hell over shocc's tactics and demands. seriously, get a life and stop trying to destroy Western civilization. go start your own university, losers.

  4. J Train

    Fernanda Diaz's column was incredibly good. The Spec should hire more writers as talented as she is, not just people who like to stir up controversy and piss off everyone in sight. Go Fernanda!



  6. Oh My God

    Everyone is not a "hater" committing "hate crimes." Stop flinging that word. Criticizing SHOCC and mocking it does not constitute "hating."

  7. are you kidding

    This whole "discourse" is a pile of shit.

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