Bataineh victorious

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After a week-long postponement and numerous technical difficulties, SGA Election Results are in!

Total number of offices: 20
Total uncontested seats: 13
Races with no candidates: 1

Rugby player Eman Bataineh emerged victorious, beating out Cypriot Sophia Mouyis and bartender April Hovav, all juniors. Curiously, SCEG activist Brett Murphy–who had been running as a ticket with Betaineh–went down to Mary Kate and Ashley fan Yael Isaac. Oh, Barnard, when will you make up your mind?

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  1. Shira

    There were actually 6 positions without candidates, not 1: SGA Treasurer, Rep to CCSC, Rep to ESC, Rep to GSSC, Junior Class Treasurer, and Sophomore Class Treasurer.

  2. wtf

    why such hate on seas. stop being such fucking assholes and report real news.

  3. seas

    esc sucks. have a real election.

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