1. SHOCCing!

    Oh, the suppression of free speech at a liberal university. The irony, the irony!

    Good thing I'm posting this from the library.

  2. Bwog

    Um. We're not serious. But you get the point, right?

  3. No, I don't get it

    A good one:

    So, SHOCC walks into a bar, and the bartender asks:


  4. all hail bwog

    I think Bwog just meant that the joke is killed and not funny... which is true... rock on bwog...

  5. down with Bush

    The tree is part of George W.'s evil conservative agenda. By planting trees, Bush is really embedding his Christian ideals of Genesis and anti-gay-osity (because the tree was the very plant that the serpant, the very symbol of sin and depravity) into a neighborhood in which live a predominant African American community, and since we all know Bush caused Katrina, the tree is an amazing contraption of electromagnetic fiber optic radar equipped weather controlling machinery that will cause a massive hurricane that will consume a patch of land roughly 1/3rd block wide.

  6. dumb

    Dumb one, Bwog. Actually demanding (however ironically) that people not bring up SHOCC was the worst possible way to curtail posts on it. The reverse psychology of the matter wasn't hard to predict.

  7. 1337 h4xx0r

    Your safety is not guaranteed. Bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. O Rly? Ya Rly. No Wai!!! I 4M t3h 1337 H4xx0R G4ngst4 bow b3fore my 1337ness! j00 ar3 jus7 a n00b and i wi11 pwnz0rz j00 n00bzors! Pwn3d!! BRBFBI

  8. also sick

    I have to agree with Bwog on the SHOCC crap; and duh they're not serious about IP banning. Don't have to be behind SHOCC, but there are a wealth of groups one doesn't agree with on campus and they don't get belittled. It's terribly insenstive considering what their impetus is, what they've experience on this campus itself, and what their end goal is. A lot of the people in SHOCC have been victimized for what they are and it's just callous to make fun of them or call them whiners.

  9. confused

    It's a little worrisome to me that I have posted a comment with the name "confused" more than once now, so that it fills in automatically when I start typing it in Safari....

    In any case, I totally missed the joke. I have no clue what this tree being planted has to do with SHOCC. I apparently have no sense of humor or something, but would one of you be kind enough to explain it to me?

  10. This is so silly....

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Bwog was moving on, as should all of you.

  11. Flounder

    Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!

  12. It was

    Bluto who said that line in "Animal House," not Flounder.

    just to put that out there.

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