1. cecil

    this kid needs some video editing skills

  2. Adam Goodkind

    what an idiot. everyone knows warm soda is more volatile..

    • idiot  

      Why is warm soda more volatile?

      • boo  

        The solubility of gas in a liquid decreases with temperature. In the warmer soda, the dissolved gases (carbon dioxide + gases produced from reaction with the Mentos) fall out of solution more rapidly -- thus leading to the warm soda producing a higher geyser and the cold soda spewing for a longer time.

        (Not a chem major -- Don't quote me on this)

  3. boo

    Worst explosion ever. The still photo is more impressive.

  4. You guys

    are the number 1 google result for "Jessica Zauner."

  5. sw  

    cite your sources, bwog.

    boingboing did this like 5 days ago

  6. I can relate anything to celebrities  

    Do Jessica and Ashlee have a little brother? Cause that would make a lot of sense.

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