Personals: Easter Egg Edition

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You knew something was missing in your life… oh, yeah. The social part. Well, the Bwog is here to cure what ails ya. Today you get FULL ACCESS to this eligible bachelor’s profile. If you have dreams of one day being the girl cropped out of the picture, shoot an email to [email protected] with a sentence or two pleading your case. If Brett picks you, the Bwog will spring $5 for a coffee date.

Hot? Bothered? Nominate yourself or a friend for next week.

Guy for Girl


Name: Brett Austin Robbins
School: CC
Year: 2009
Major: Philosophy/Spanish
Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ

Top three songs according to iTunes’ play count:
Gone – Kanye West
In the Waiting Line – Garden State Soundtrack
A Day in the Life – The Beatles
You’re trapped on a desert island with three foods– what are they?
Peanut Butter, orange juice, and steak.
Describe your favorite pair of underwear.
A bright orange pair of boxers with alligators smoking pipes.
It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon– where can you be found?
Nightmare date in three words or less:
Clingy girls, anywhere.
So, what are you doing after college?
I am going to make my millions so I can travel the world with the girl of my dreams.
Really? [apparently –ed.]
Complete the sentence: When I first came to Columbia, I thought…
…that veins were not as cool as they are.
Facebook or MySpace?

Brett! You’re the one for me!



  1. Rachael

    I'm the one hugging Brett. Be jealous, ladies.

  2. Daniel

    fuck you rachael, thats me. this guys a dreamy mother fucker.

  3. Weak in the Knees

    who is this Columbian Adonis they call Brett Austin Robbins? I bet he lookd smokin' in his alligator boxers

  4. Amanda/Lia

    veins? thats SOOOOO weird. we think you were meant for us! go on a date with us? please?

  5. unfortunate acquaintance


    i, unfortunately, know this guy. fortunately, you probably don't. if you cherish all that is holy, please keep it that way.

  6. he also

    kicks squirrels that are unlucky enough to cross his path.

  7. kat/alex

    brett is a sexy motherfucker

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