1. away!  

    go back to times square, middle american tourist scum!

    camera crazy japanese tourists are still welcome.

  2. oy gevalt  

    straight outta wisconsin...

  3. Hmm  

    I've always wondered if tourists who don the I

  4. Hmm  

    ...I've always wondered if the tourists who don the I [heart] NY shirts know how goofy they look.

    Durned left-bracket opening HTML tags instead of drawing a heart...

  5. Huh?

    These women seem happy and New York's economy is pretty dependent upon tourists, so I don't see what the problem is. And leave the Midwest alone. This sort of elitism makes me so embarrassed to attend Columbia sometimes.

  6. basically  

    those women are my mom! true, she has longer hair but everything else is dead on.

  7. i <3 ny 2 lolz

    bad haircuts and sensible shoes. these women may love new york... but i have a feeling they're not from new york.

  8. Peter Awn

    You mean that's not GS orientation?

  9. give GS a break  

    GS students are more interesting than most CC students. They've actually had lives already.

  10. mak

    no hatred... they're cute. aawwww (not sarcastic)

  11. back door!  

    "Oh, this deal with the loss of subjectivity kind of reminds me of when I was in culinary school back in '89."

    Yay for single-dad part-time-puppeteer religion majors; they are why God gave us B.U.

    • back door? slam it!

      How dare those rapscallions work, act, join the military, or immigrate, and then try to get the same education as a sniveling prep school grad. It's just not fair! Columbia professors can't be bothered teaching those students not straight out of high school - it dilutes the quality of education available to the legacies.

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