Indie Kids Unite!

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Band members, would-be band members, and people who just like to wear skinny jeans and slip-ons congregated in lower level Macintosh at the WBAR-b-q this afternoon to celebrate the cream of CU/Barnard’s indie crop. And eat burgers and drink beer. Combined with lazing in parks and chucking around various objects, could an idyllic spring Saturday be better spent?

Featuring Man Man, Bobby Birdman, E*Rock, YACHT, King Kong Ding Dong, O’Death, Lucky Dragons, Fixations, and the Midnight Hours (pictured).

Bwog wonders what it would name a band if it had the balls to form one.

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  1. Blake Soper

    Indie ladies, please stop dressing like Jenny Lewis. Thanks!

  2. Stephen  

    I don't see the ironic appeal of dressing in women's jeans and generally looking like po' folk.

    But that's just the crowd. Chris Thompson and Chris Baio have been starting up quite a few bands this year and they are all good. crazy.

    anyways. women's jeans were so last year.

    • Jason Boesel

      Stephen... you really shouldn't be talking down to "a bunch of exclusive club elitist fuck heads." You go to Columbia. Look in the mirror.

      • Stephen  

        Right. I don't see tight jeans that threaten to cut off circulation to my testicles or a conor oberst derivitive haircut.

        The irony of the indie scene extends beyond Columbia's gates. The music has beginning to become defined by the clothes, and... well that's reminiscent of the stupidness of metal/hardcore's flirtation with hot topic.

        I get dressed in the morning and don't think about how ironic or retro or completely coked out I can look. Maybe if everyone didn't try so hard we wouldn't have 10 bands a month coming out sounding like the strokes.

  3. um  

    ugh, bands that sound exactly like interpol. ugh ugh ugh.

  4. wow  

    this type of music depresses the fuck outta me, so weird....

  5. Pitchforker  

    Damn, Columbia is filled with conformist fucks. Hating on indie because you guys are out of the scene!

    • Stephen  

      Conformist? Ouch the hypocrisy hurts.

      The indie scene has become a joke in itself. Complain about conformity because people can name 25 obscure swedish bands off the top of their heads? The new indie cred requirements are a pair of beat up converse all stars, tight women's jeans, a tiny t-shirt from some random summer camp you got at salvation army, and a tastefully disheveled hair cut.

      Out of the scene! My my... what a bunch of exclusive club elitist fuck heads.

  6. hooray  

    but can't we all agree that manman is fun? because manman is very fun.

  7. Connor Oberst

    I find it funnier that the parents of these faux-pas fucktards pay upwards of $40,000 to send their little children to school, and they yet dress like they were just let out of Belleview. Oh, the irony of all things indie.

  8. oh man  

    is there gonna be a rumble?? because that can be arranged...

  9. penny

    i used to like the bwog until all the people who read it made it suck with their radioactive comments

  10. Paul S.  

    In terms of comments, might I step it up and say: Peace and love be with BWOG. Plus, everyone has term papers.

  11. hm  

    So how would you rather have the indie kids dress? Like hip hop kids? Like preppies? In nondescript jeans and teeshirts?

    Everyone has an image; why does it bother you that some people have a different one than yours?

  12. Stephen Malkmus  

    I remember the days when dressing indie meant dressing comfortable. I never looked cool. Robert Pollard and Frank Black never looked cool. But goddamn it we were comfortable. And our jeans didn't cost 200 dollars.

  13. Anonymous  

    I can't say that I especially want to give up the ability to post anonymously here, but if you required people to register with you and use a valid email address, it would of course require a lot of coding work on your part, but might legitimate things somewhat. Then bwog comments could go back to being trippy and away from beinng vitriolic.

  14. NO WAY  

    The Velvet Underground was actaully in touch with something outside of themselves.

  15. richie  

    I mean, have any of you guys ever done coke? Played music? Went to the show? Have friends?

  16. Stephen  

    I guess this is a sore subject for some of you.

  17. Sorry  

    Indie kids are just annoying because their entire ethos is based on being 'independent' and free from stylistic or genre constraints. Yet they all look identical and play the exact same type of music. I wouldn't say I have scorn or anger towards indie kids though. Its more like playfully continually making fun of your most retarded friend.

    • All Apologies

      The "ethos" of indie kids is no longer about being independent. "Indie" artists are routinely signed to the big five record labels. Indie is more of a post--alternative style of music, with a strong emphasis on harmonics.

  18. Anonymous  

    Who the hell are these people?

  19. O'ManMan  

    Distinction. This was not an "indie" show. It was a WBAR show. Embrace the difference.

    Also embrace:


    Tapered jeans.



    Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong.

  20. No Thanks  

    No thanks, I'd rather not embrace the crap. Mostly because I don't want to turn into a living cliche, but also because its very, very lame.

    • No Thanks isnt a cliche!  

      Whether in New Balances or boat shoes or my great boots or anything, we're all clichés in one way or another and we all agree that if Merle Haggard was in a danceoff with Chris Tomson of the Midnight Hours, that Merle would win, but it would be close.

  21. You're Welcome  

    Posting angsty messages anonymously online? Way to buck cliches bro.

  22. ha cha

    The name of bwog's band? Tony Roman and the Columbia Alumni Association.

  23. J Train  

    It doesn't matter what kind of scene you're in...anyone who pays triple digits for a pair of jeans is a complete mug.

  24. c c c clothes  

    you people spend way too much time analyzing the clothes of people whom you say pay too much attention to their clothes.

  25. Secret Admirer  

    mmmm... Chris Baio.

  26. that don't make no sense  

    if everyone was wearing it... would hipsters wear it? At the end of the day... there are less of them than of those critiquing them. Anyway, attacking hipsters on a message board is like shooting fish in a barrel. At the end of the day, there are only a few original people who exist in any "movement." And they stole most of their ideas from someone before them etc etc. Wasn't this post about a concert? Oui. A concert that it seems none of you went to. It's ok, sometimes a day is better spent replying to messages on the bwog, eh?

  27. human  

    man man ruled, and yall suckaz missed out if you weren't there.

  28. White Dudes


  29. Actually  

    Actually it only takes me about 5 minutes to come on here and make fun of hipsters, it takes them hours each day to do their ironic haircuts and choose out their wardrobe.

    • ok this is silly  

      i thought i'd check back to see how this ended. for the record, hipsters dont spend hours getting "ironic haircuts" (what the fuck is an ironic haircut) and i would estimate they get dressed in the same amount of time as you. if you look at the pic at the top of page, all you'll see are jeans and t-shirts (with optional button-down shirt.) You really have blown this whole thing out of proportion. you must be a seas student. i heard you guys spend HOURS making 3d models of naked chicks to get off to them. I mean, you've got all that time in the day since you dress so quickly.

  30. starfucker

    is chris baio related to steve "chachi" baio, of charles in charge? i hope so.

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