1. mr. multiracial  

    The photo looks like it was taken just outside Lerner.

  2. shocc!!!

    Discrimination! Oppression! Those people need manditory anti-oppressment training!! They're oppressing me by excluding my non-multi-racial ass from free candy!! It's systematic and institutionalized and latent racism!! I need a safe space! HATE CRIME!!! I AM BEING OPPRESSED!!! WHERE'S THE CLOSEST SAFE SPACE?!?!?!

  3. shocc!!!

    I demand affirmative action, free M&Ms, and reparations for my pain and suffering because of this hate and hatred! I demand everyone be forced to sit through anti-hate-oppression training so they'll give me handouts like free M&Ms!

  4. children  

    Children, put a sock in it. The point is taken, but the joke is old. Get over it. It's not funny anymore.

  5. number 4  

    "not funny" not because i'm offended but because it's not funny anymore. rule of thumb: three times is funny. 18 is not. maybe i am offended by you inability to let a dead joke lie.

  6. i'm not one of the folks

    who has been posting the shocc jokes that have swamped posts here but to the people claiming those who are are childish. Get over yourself, you arrogant, pretentious elitists---if all of a sudden you dont appreciate a joke then it should stop because its gotten old due to your divine maturity? get over yourselves you jerks. the truth is as long as shocc exists to make absurd demands and a mockery of the discourse that this campus has degenerated to (everybody's racist and unless that's accepted as a truth we're going to throw a hissy fit and stage juvenile sit ins) then they're completely fair game and should be made fun off....

    are bush jokes not funny anymore on teh daily show because all of his sudden his incompetence is something which has became too old to ridicule? no! so if you're a member of shocc--i hope this is a realization that this is how youre percieved---and if youre one of teh pretentious jerks who thinks these jokes are beneath you--well tough--don't read teh posts--you're not forced to and it sure as heck isn't hard to scroll over them

    • Edward Albee

      These aren't even *new* SHOCC jokes. Now it's just yelling buzzwords, which really isn't very funny.

      I'm just picturing this:

      SOME DUDE: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey you! Hey! Hey! What's up! Hey! Hey!

      ME: Shut up, for god's sake!

      SOME GUY: You elitist motherfucker. Bla bla bla bla racism.

      The Daily Show has *writers*.

  7. to be fair

    this post is directly relevant. more so than previous ones to shocc's claims. shocc isn't against discrimination. it's against dicrimination which prepetuate percieved heirarchies of race, class and gender which have been instituted by the man. who coincidentally is the same fellow splurging for their rental car along with the spring break vacation in miami he helped pay for while he busts his hump at work and while his kid keeps their self rightious head up their bud and contributes to ever increasing levels of smug

  8. beautiful saturday  

    kids, go outside

  9. mk  

    yeah it's really not a question of the jokes being beneath anyone; rather, it's the absence of humor. the comic strip half-way through this webssite:


    demonstrates why the daily show is funny, and why this isn't.

    • subjectivity

      dominates perceived ideas of what humor is...ever wonder why the kids who make up the viewing audience of the daily show are like us? young, in college and who have probably worked for teh kerry campaign? don't let your warped view of teh world blind you into thinking your taste is superior to everyone else and is the truth or youll start to sound like teh fundies who inhabit our converse at places like liberty

  10. edward

    i'm not sure how they aren't new..they all have different texts--even if you don't find them funny 3,5, 8,10 and whichever other ones are teh shocc jokes are unique from each other. secondly, if that's what you've pictured i don't know how people can stand your stupidity. first they're not addressing you..scroll over it in that case. of course the fact that you conflate 'hey, hey, hey' with the different ways people have chosen to mimic shocc just indicates how you treat people who disagree with you. as for teh daily show--its a relatively mediocre show which a shell of its former self that has descended to a liberal circle jerk (you can check teh demographics on taht one)--unfortunately shocc jokes prevent bwog from becoming teh same which i'm sure really puts a damper on your worldview of righteous fighting against teh man which you thought existed amongst columbia's populace. teh truth is you can think these jokes are dorky, and yet still hold that folks who are so vociferous in their distaste of these jokes are huge tools who don't understand that reading something posted on teh internet is volunatry adn that regardless of how meritoriuos shocc's sympathizers percieve their goals and intentions to be...columbia doesn't live in your bubble and teh vast majority of people want to puke as much when they they hear about shocc as when they hear another corny warranted joke abou thtem

    • Edward

      You know, "teh" is a pretty tired joke, too. It's pretty silly to attach anything political to me being tired of dumb jokes. I don't have to state an opinion on SHOCC to be disinterested with this crap.

  11. SPSLCOCC  

    Stop Posting Such Long Comments on Columbia's Campus

  12. amused  

    oh come on.....it's funny

  13. mk

    you know... i think the people in SHOCC need mandatory anti-hate training. i've never met any "oppressed individual" who had any interest in conversing with the "oppressor" on this campus... and we all know what the "oppressor" is a euphemism for...

    and yeah, i'm amused too.

  14. mak

    Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes.

    Doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes.

    Look around and you will find,

    No one's really colorblind.

    Maybe it's a fact we all should face:

    Everyone makes judgments based on race.

  15. wow  

    holy fuck, columbia blogs have trolls? crazy...

  16. ADOLF  

    Sieg Heil! Yavol Mein Fuhrer!

  17. mak

    i don't get the troll part?

    and jawohl. but good job otherwise. (seriously)

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