1. Somewhere behind closed doors, girls get the shaft.  


  2. the spec does something well!  

    that is a GREAT op-ed piece by dwoskin. for reals.

  3. If  

    my "great" you intend "shallow and ill-sighted." Why not inquire why white men are falling behind and what can be done to fix the problem. I'm sorry she has a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas, but seventeen year old white male college applicants deserve to be including in the great diversity / affirmative action game / debate too.

  4. riiiight  

    oh poor white males! when will your time come?

  5. ttan  

    The ESC and CCSC will never merge. Zvi Galil will never allow it.

  6. Q.R.  

    Where'd she pull "white" out of? That's crap. "I assume black guys don't apply to college, so I'll drag race into this and make an otherwise logical conclusion completely irrational."

    • well  

      it's a fact that black men apply to college in fewer numbers than whites, men or women. i think she brought race into her piece to suggest that women's ascendancy in college apps is not hurting other disadvantaged groups (nonwhite men), but really only those who are already in power -- white males.

      • Q.R.

        Oh, I mean, I get it. But that's not really valid -- nowhere did college admissions officers say "we're turning down women in favor of black men" or "white men" for that matter. The number of quotas that she believes admissions officers are attempting to fill makes me a little incredulous.

        It's silly because what she's arguing for what was, until she arrived in the discussion, a pretty good point--if the article is to be believed. She's bollixing it up with cliche and assumption.

  7. i'm a white male  

    are you going to blame me for the mistakes of my ancestors?

  8. WIRC  

    Yeah 10, she really ruined a valid discussion. This is actually a significant social issue. But she definitely lowered the standard. First off, minorities have a *larger* gender gap that is growing faster. Second, I really lost respect for her when she said that boys should be responsible for unconscious decisions - as though teenage men made the society.

    But I cracked up when I realized that she graduted last year bust is still writing in a college newspaper. Really, if she were anything as close to as smart as Blitz, she would have been in the Times. She makes feminism look bad.

  9. what  

    Well that's why we have Barnard. All the girls who are displaced by dumb white males have something to fall back on.

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