Bacchanal Brings da Ruckus

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The god Rumor has spoken: Ghostface Killah will be playing the
annual Bacchanal concert this Saturday, 2:00 pm on Low Steps. Ghostface, the Wu Tang Clan member whose most recent album Fishcale debuted this month
at #4 on the Billboard charts, has emerged since his 1996 solo debut as the group’s most consistently innovative lyricist.

In the meantime, enjoy your Wu Name.
(Warning: The generator has a margin of error. Enter “Dennis Coles,” Ghostface’s given name, and what do you get? “Tha Visible Choirboy.”)

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  1. AR  

    Whatever happened to him switching his name to simply Ghostface "for the kids"?

  2. Mmm  

    Nicely done, Bacchanal. Not Raekwon or Method Man, but he'll do.

  3. rocker  

    Why does Columbia Special events, and whoever else brings musicians to campus only bring Hip Hop/Rap stars? Have they not heard that NYC has about 3 million indie rock bands, let alone that rock is easily the most popular music for columbia students. Why not try and get a real band people might've heard of, like say The Postal service or fall out boy, or any of the thousands of other popular bands?

    • dear rocker  

      thank you. maybe .03% of this campus actually enjoys hiphop. I'm betting it's some kind of concession to the harlem "community"?

    • i like rap and rock  

      We get indie rock bands every year at that beginning of the year concert, this year we got Yo La Tengo, last year it was the Walkmen - why can't we have both rap and rock? I mean it's really just based on the tastes of whoever organizes these events. Also, I sincerely hope no one likes Fall Out Boy.

      • True  

        I was thoroughly impressed by the indie-friendliness. We can live with Ghostface, if we have to.

      • Bacchanal  

        Actually, it's not based on the preferences of the event organizers at all. In fact, few of the people running Bacchanal have any idea, today, who is playing at the concert they are hosting. CU concerts chooses, and nobody else - we just give them the money, blind.

        (And now speaking to everyone,) Get over yourselves. I don't agree, but some people like to call indie and emo kids "whiny." The person that posted #10 has the right idea: just enjoy the music and try to learn something. You're not above rap... that's preposterous.

    • Tha Lonely Donkey Kong  

      I feel like we've had this argument before. Think of it this way-- is a free concert really something to complain about?

    • mk  

      ghostface > fall out boy

      rza > fall out boy

      the entire 'american idol' cast performing the national anthem > fall out boy

      celine dion's las vegas show > fall out boy

  4. AC  

    I am Ungrateful Ninja!!!

  5. ghostface is awesome  

    but i heard they're gonna have the RZA too....

  6. you elitist pricks  

    good music is good music kids. yo la tengo is excellent music. ghostface is excellent music. stop bitching and open your minds.

    at any rate, I've heard rumors that besides the confirmed ghostface, gze and perhaps other wu tang members may be playing as well.

    • excellent?  

      Come now...just because someone doesn't care for R&B doesn't make them elitist. I don't think Ghostface or yo la tengo are especially excellent. Good music is a matter of opinion. Fact is, rap and R&B are considerably less popular on campus than rock.

      • So,  

        bring your own damn music to campus. Seriously, if it bothers you that much than help them out in bringing what you like instead of bitching.

        and saying .03 percent of people on this campus will enjoy it IS prick-ish

        • laughing  

          As is "concession to the Harlem community." What the hell is that supposed to mean? That you'd have to hail from that demographic to enjoy this music because no one on campus actually does? Some people at this school make me sick.

  7. vb  

    Let's not complain about the booking of R+B/rap performers...let's complain about the booking of old and washed up R+B/rap performers. Come on, Wu Tang? So. Last. Millenium. Get a hip-hop performer, sure, but how about one who's had a hit in the past decade?

  8. Tha Lonely Donkey Kong  

    is what you get when you enter in "george bush".

    -from the confused and male "lesbian pimp"

  9. right  

    If you look at most of the free big concerts on campus hip hop has dominated. The majority of the school really has no interest, and those representatives of the majority who end up going to the concert only do so because it's a free concert. If they're not going to appeal to a more popular taste, why not at least get some new, refreshing performers?

    That said, and I'm not a big hip hop fan at all, but I really hope the RZA shows.

    By the way, get over this "indie" fad all you weiner kids.

  10. i vote  

    we dig up 3 of the 4 ramones and have a new york themed non wuss concert

  11. how about  

    ...we get Jeffrey Sachs to call in a favor with Bono...

  12. ghost not washed up  

    Fishscale was an excellent album, Pretty Toney was a very good album, Put It On The Line was good as well. He may get overlooked but Ghostface is by no means washed up, and also puts on great concerts (example: his last NY solo concert). I have no interest whatsoever in seeing Bono or some bullshit like that.

  13. Enough of this shit, please  

    He killed ghostface, and he'll probably kill all of you who are assholes BECAUSE HE CAN AND BECAUSE YOU ARE ASSHOLES, so watch yo back.

  14. seriously

    rap is the musical movement of our generation. if you don't like it, at least appreciate it; it's really the only pop-genre in which relatively original stuff is being recorded. our parents had dylan, we have ghostface.

    i like "indie" rock as much as the next pseudo-hipster, but i recognize that it's all pretty obviously recycled.

    also: the postal service is arguably not even really a band (do your research)and fall out boy objectively SUCKS.

    • Er

      That's not a good way to define "band." But Fallout Boy does suck.

      But rap is a generation old, and not that many people like it.

    • Errr  

      To say that rap that is being recorded today is original is wack. At a cartain point there was original rap and there are original rappers on the margins today. But most of the rap one here's today is the same old recycled funk or soul beats and the weak ass, uninspired lyrics. Ghostface certainly doesn't fall into that category, but his heyday was before we had pubes.

  15. Postal Service  

    Aren't those the guys who deliver letters and packages and stuff? I wasn't aware they made music

  16. BigRoger

    Fall Out Boy > all of you who have posted

  17. YAY  

    I am "Spunky misunderstood genius" !!! BE JEALOUS!!!

  18. B-town  

    "Spongebob in the Bentley Coupe / Bangin' the Isley's" - "Underwater"

  19. J.  

    Last time I checked, Stevie Wonder was still alive. So fuck all y'all; the free concert should involve some serious funkification.

  20. Oops  

    I meant heers, not here's.

  21. Bwog comments  

    Are as bad as [email protected], as long as the topic is music. Can't we all just agree to stalk [name redacted] and get on with it?

  22. robert zimmerman  

    hey shitheads i'm still alive still good and still a golden god to all of you -- bob d.

  23. ryan zimmerman  

    And I had three RBIs today

    True, Dylan is still alive, and hopefully coming this way on tour

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