Fire on 114th St.

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Fire in 114th St. building near River dormitory. Broadway closed from 116th through 113th. Ladder truck there and EMTs at the ready.

To quote the homeless guy walking past: “Ain’t no fire if there ain’t no smoke.”
Note: Bookstore on corner filled with smoke.

8:30 pm Update: Firefighters report that the fire started in the bookstore’s basement and was probably electrical. Photos after the jump.





  1. quiqui  

    Indeed, a fair amount of smoke. I walked past to investigate and now my hair smells bad. Punishment for rubbernecking I suppose.

  2. ...  

    See Spec in the morning for full coverage.

  3. uhuh  

    what's with all this spec/bwog competition

  4. dz  

    half of the b&w writes for spec anyway...

  5. a fan  

    good reporting, bwog!

  6. morningside books  

    for a small independent bookstore struggling to survive, this will be catastrophic. I hope morningside doesn't have to fold because of this

    • Tony the torch  

      I don't mean to sound cynical, but I am when fires occur at places like bookstores and liquor stores. For some reason, they always happen to occur when there are piles of unsold , damaged or unsellable inventory just lying around. I really doubt this will be "catastrophic" for the store, infact, it might signal a new boom, akin to the amazing recovery of Martin brothers on 107th after their fire.

  7. capitalist  

    morningside should close. all bookstores should close. except for bn.com and amazon, which will wage a vicious price war while maintaining economies of scale - all for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. hurray!

  8. Poster  

    Did you notice my little story between the first and second pictures? It's like "Walk quickly, tiny little security man... so you can chat with your security brethren." Damn. I'm good.

  9. Bryan  

    That Bukowski quote is a nice touch.

  10. quiqui  

    I wish this had happened to Labyrinth. I hate that place.

  11. Tony,  

    that's a pretty awful comment.

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