1. pissed off undergrad  

    Waldron leaving for NYU is really a travesty, even though most other undergrads may not know it. He may be the most intellectually stimulating and prolific producer of highly regarded debate and research on this campus right now. You really only need to go through his law reviews or the tons of books he's contributed to, edited or authored to see columbia's best outgoing prof is leaving.

    Unfortunately columbia's hard-on for michael dorf and failure to recognize theyre losing many of their best philosophical voices results in things like this. Waldron is probably one of teh leading scholars in legal theory, and natural law theory (he doesn't support the idea but is robert george-like in his eloquence in opposition), and its unfortunate that only a handful of law school students probably realize columbia loses one of what could have been, its future legends. Another issue raised by this, if you now want a law school education that challenges yale--take a serious look at NYU--they've made a concerted effort to get some fo teh best faculty in the world and have succeeded while columbia has slipped down the other way. Add to that the fact they're situated in the best spot in NY and I don't know why anybody would consider columbia versus NYU (and this is coming from a columbiaphile who loves the dept he's studying in).

  2. re: um  

    That's a little harsh. But it's pretty ridiculous that he expected a broad readership to care at all about his personal background to read some 300-500 words on it.

  3. well fuck this shit  

    I'm applying to yale now. screw columbia law.

  4. someone he's never met  

    i happen to like jimmy, at least his writing. i wish he werent gay..

  5. wonder  

    i wonder which socialist wrote that article on the grad student unions. maybe the grad students realized that their jobs really aren't that bad, and that undergrads (and their paying parents) get kinda pissed when their education is compromised by people not satisfied with benefits that plenty of other grad students are willing to take.

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