Who’s Got Points? We’ve Got Points!

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File under crazy/bitter SEAS kids making life better for all of us:


Freshman Rajesh Ramakrishnan has created Columbia FoodWorks, a website which hooks up first-years with too many dining points (they expire at the end of the year) with first-years with too few points.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch– “although not official [sic.] sanctioned by FoodWorks, the freshmen without points could give some money as a token of appreciation to those with points.”

So far three people have registered their point availability. For the record, the Bwog wouldn’t turn down a guest meal at John Jay (they expire too!).

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  1. hungry!  

    Why only first-years? It's the upperclassmen who are hungry and impoverished.

  2. Cody

    I would sooooo love a few free J-swipes, but the nature of the first year meal is that you can't double swipe, thus the freshpeople with 100+ extra meals can't easily give them away.

    Columbia is like unprotected sex: happy you got in, sorry you came.

  3. oppression  

    theoretically, as noted by some freshman, you could forge fake ids and distribute those ...

  4. re: oppression

    how would you forge a magnetic stripe and encode a student's information on it?

  5. Got Points?  

    This is the idea of how it works:

    A freshman with too many points offers to buy upperclassman a meal at JJs, Uris, 212, etc. and the upperclassman then pays the freshman only 75% of the meal in cash. The upperclassman saves money, and the freshman redeems dining points.

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