Could It Really Be That Simple?

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This morning, an anonymous tipster weighed in on the origins of the “cHiNA?” graffiti that can be spotted in every other campus elevator:

I thought you should know I have a theory that could possible solve the “CHINA?” elevator riddle. That is, what started it before the ignorant copy cats took over.

It’s dorky and obvious and asks the question on every poli-sci international relations major nerd’s mind.

Is China rising?

Get it!? Get it!? China + ? + on an elevator going up and down all the time!

Though the mystery remains unsolved until the founder of the “cHiNA?” movement is identified, the Bwog thinks this might be the start of what will hopefully be a fruitful investigation.

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  1. Jacob  

    I think your anonymous tipster's name might be Seth Flaxman:


    Also, from what I hear, CHiNA? was originally the work of a tagger who prefers to remain anonymous. He is also apparently pretty annoyed about the "va" some people have added.


      the lowercase "i" is because "I" is annoying to write, as anyone else who studies cartesian vectors will attest. furthermore, the "?" has to do with the specific pronunciation; the inflection at the end of the word is key. Finally, you have not seen the last of CHiNA? i promise you that.

  2. his last name stars w/b and ends in aumel  

    worst. post. ever.

  3. idiots  

    this was originally some kind of graffiti marketing campaign for an art exhibition that was picked up and copied by lots of people. that's all.

  4. sneak  


  5. china  

    does anyone really care about china?

    besides economists or whatever

  6. Some Bitch-Ass Nancy Drew Character  

    Yo Bwog:

    "Hopefully" is an adverb. You mean to say that you hope that the investigation will be fruitful, since investigations cannot do things in a hopeful manner.

  7. sure they can  

    we'll figure this mystery out, the investigator said hopefully.

  8. that barnard girl  

    did anybody notice that there was what appeared to be a "cHiNA?" flag on top of Sulzberger? It was there at 6am, but it was taken down by 9, well before commencment started. It was hard to make out, but I am pretty sure that it did indeed say "cHiNA?"

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