1. Calvin  

    "...or something."

  2. con-fused  

    or something? i don't get it

  3. Re: con-fused  


    Scroll down to "July 11, 1987." (May take a while to load.)

  4. jim  

    no one did it. a piece of me dies.

  5. good  

    i love how this site promotes vandalism. there was wet cement in front of woodbridge earlier this year and after the guy spent all his time smoothing it out, a bunch of asshole columbia kids had to vandalize his work.

  6. writing in pavement  

    is a marvellous tradition of street beautification and can only be considered vandalism by the most close-minded sticklers for rules.

  7. re: writing  

    yeah, seriously, yo. don't stickle.

  8. mmwow  

    I like it when you tickle my stickle.

  9. damn  

    i gotta find out about these things sooner so i can denigrate shocc in the cement

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