1. ugh  

    Idris = of the "Big Room" Barnard girl set who takes up space doing absolutely nothing, save perhaps writing painfully unclever articles for Spec.

  2. kulawik  

    is the maureen dowd of the spec--w/o the hotness.

  3. kulawik is such a jackass  

    he gives the reason why people need anti-oppression training throughout the whole damn article: incoming students haven't thought at all, according to him, about the way that power operates in their identities and interactions with others!!

  4. question  

    is there a statute of limitations on power relationships..because then different ethnic groups deserve reciprocation or reparations in the multiple states of expression they've experienced since teh dawning of man...asian immigrants who arrived to america in the past 20 yrs (about 35% of the campus) also then deserve reparation from minority communities such as blacks and hispanics becuase of the unduly countervailing effect against through affirmative action. Point being, you're actually an idiot if you think kulawik is a jackass for that (he's a jackass for many other reasons) and i hope you just wrote that to be a charicature becuase if you're going to start to implement ridiculous sociological theories and apply them to real life while they are just fringe things supported by nobody in real society, you'll just serve to isolate shocc more and more. At this point, shocc has gone into kanye west/(the goverment actually gave black people aids as an experiment) territory... you need more anthony walker and less unhinged radical claims based upon frince sociological theories

  5. i dont know why  

    you're talking about reparations, affirmative action, and fringe sociological theories in response to a message that said kulawik seemed to indicate that incoming students hadn't thought much about power relations...

  6. kulawik  

    Said several incorrect things but in general is right that they have a radical agenda. I wish he'd talked more about their truly ridiculous definition of a "hate crime". Also, having an Ayn Rand reference in the title of his column doesn't make people likely to like it.

  7. kulawik  

    does a disservice to the anti-shocc cause by tainting it by association. we need to be more mainstream and less associated with c4, lest people be alienated and actually start (against their own interests) to side with shocc

  8. since when  

    ...did this blog take an official stance on hating and smearing one particular student on campus? Pretty cowardly esp. since the posts are anonymous. Avi Zenilman should put his photo side by side with Kulawik's if we're going to talk about aesthetic.

  9. sonce when (continued)  

    aesthetics, I mean. I lost steam toward the end, realizing that I'm trying to reason with complete assholes.

  10. annoyed  

    maybe they don't WANT to think about how power operates in theiry idenities. believe it or not, some people do not internalize their race as a core part of their idenity. let people choose what they want to care about for themselves

  11. reform shocc  

    you can indoctrinate people with anti-oppression training just b/c that's what YOU think they need. free speech anyone?

  12. kulawik  

    was very much off-base with this article

  13. naked truth

    wtf is wrong with you shocc groupies? some ppl don't give a fuck about your extremist liberal bs. some come to columbia to get a superior education, solid connections, move up the socioeconomoc ladder, and carve out a place for THEMSELVES in the american aristocracy. that's why were ALL here instead of some cheaper, better state school like u michigan.

  14. Chris  

    Kulawik is a public figure and has chose to make himself that. He's also an effective one because people do talk about him and his debate. If he didn't expect to have a negative impression of him by most of teh campus as a result he should have never had made teh original concious decision to write and engage in the activism he does. He's fair game to be made fun of/ridiculed/worshipped/supported and to be quite frank if i doubt he's going to pine over what folks on an anonymous blog are saying about him

  15. J Train  

    Once again Kulawik misses the bigger picture. You can disagree with mandatory anti-oppression training but still concede that SHOCC has a legitimate concern. But as usual he throws out baby with bathwater. I reckon the Spec just likes people to have a reaction to what their columnists write, seeing how everything the Spec prints nowadays is lame.

    • yes, unfortunately  

      Comment posts #8 and #17 have it exactly right: Kulawick enters the debate in just such a thoughtless, polemical way that he risks making people with legitimate concerns about major parts of SHOCC's agenda look reactionary too, by association.

  16. thats why  

    the original kulawik/dowd comment is pretty true...pretty shoddy debaters themselves..but great at actually stirring the pot

  17. i don't know...  

    someone mentioned that kulawik taints the anti-shocc debate, but before i read that column, who else (besides an anonymous chat room) had said anything?

    you might not like him, but he serves a purpose

  18. clown on her  

    Yeah, but if Kulawik wants to debate well he still has an obligation to say something that makes sense, not "they aren't talking about things that are affecting me or the group of happy-go-lucky prospective students so obviously they aren't talking about anything."

    Come on, Kulawik.

  19. yeah  

    kulawik did actually have legitimate points in his article. most were overblown and vitriolic like usual and to be fair, if folks here want their own more normal shocc criticisms to be aired, they should voice them publicly instead of letting kulawik take posession of this issue

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