ABC Elections Settled

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Overshadowed by the more prominent CCSC, ESC, Barnard, GS, and Italian elections, poor little ABC is clamoring for attention.

Last night’s elections saw five people competing for four seats. Sucks to be Kylie Davis, but the results are here:

President: Keith Hernandez (unopposed)
Vice President: Lissy Hu over Kylie Davis
Treasurer: Angela Kou (unopposed)
Secretary: Allison Fortune (unopposed)

Clubs– commence sucking up now. By the way, the Bwog thinks Keith has lovely hair.


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  1. Keith  

    Thank you. I attribute it to my choice of shampoo.

    Clubs: Don't forget to attend the Annual General Meeting on 4/27 in Hamilton 602 at 8pm. No show comes with an unfortunate price. We will be laying out the plans for the next year and having candidates for the Rep positions speak.

    Take care.

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