Bwog poster extravaganza!

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Thank you, Anthony Pucillo, for exposing the sheer ridiculousness of self-promoting student authors!
Unless, of course, you were serious.


When Bwog first saw this poster, it rejoiced: the librarians actually care about us! They want us to sleep and sit in the sun and live healthy lives! Actually, they just want us to get our shit out of their reading rooms.

Dems poster

The Dems’ delightfully self-important poster answers the age-old question: How do you build a bridge to the 21st century? With a lot of tools.

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  1. also on the lips on democratic consultants...  

    "Hey Jim, have you heard who the new Bill Clinton is? Al Gore!"

    "Hey Bob, did Howard Dean want 5,000 BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED posters, or 10,000?"

    "Hey Frank, have you heard who the new Bill Clinton is? Hillary Clinton!"

    With Flaxman gone, the CollDems and their posters seem to have lost a bit of their famed irreverance and a lot of their consciousness of the futility of it all.

  2. Nicholas Murray

    Butler put up similar signs last semester and still didn't do a goddamn thing about people leaving their crap around for days.

    The real solution -- steal the laptops.

  3. pas de nom  

    why does the b&w hate robyn so much?

  4. librarian  

    are they planning to throw out my shit even if I pop down to blue java for a five minute coffee? how are they really going to enforce any of that?

  5. ttan  

    The answer, of course, is to build the massive Butler extension underground/across 114th street that *should* have happened in the 1960s were it not for damned hippies.

  6. ttan  

    There are only two people in the world that make bongo drums: hippies and Indians. If hippies go out of business, that's no problem. If Indian bongo drum makers go out of business, the market would efficiently reallocate their talents into the Hyderabad IT sector, thereby increasing the outsourced backoffice work force, driving down costs, driving up efficiency, and churning out more profits for American investors. Hurray!

  7. Look out  

    At the end of last semester, during finals, they were moving peoples things. I think they go around, mark peoples stuff and then give you like an hour to come back. If you don't, they will move your stuff. They dont get rid of it or anything but they do put it off to the side kind of randomly which could be scary if you left your thesis out or something.

  8. citizen  

    more power to whoever moves the stuff of the douchebags who show up in butler at 7am, plug something into an outlet, put some papers and an open notebook down and then leave to come back hours later. selfish selfish people

  9. ummm

    what part of them is on the lips of democratic consultants from Ohio to Virginia to DC?

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