1. general  


  2. Imperator ttan  

    Bwog, it's not going to be on south lawn. It's going to be on those side lawns in front of Hartley and Wallach.


  3. pacifist  

    for all of you pacifists out there, there is a much nicer event going on at 2:30 on the steps. grab a partner and meet on lewison lawn if you are interested... (wink wink)

  4. ttan  

    According to Machiavelli, pacifists get slaughtered and eaten by republican-reared men of virtù.

  5. ??  

    I don't get it... whats happning with the war and whats going on tomorrow on lewison lawn?

  6. weather  

    forecast for tomorrow:

    rain, some heavy; wind

  7. Stephen  

    that guy's pants are SO tight. wow.

  8. ??  

    Still have no idea whats going on... guess ill just have to go out and see it...

  9. info  

    There's a hoplite battle at noon on near LLC, and a mass make out session at 2:30 on Lewisohn/the Steps.

  10. schedule  

    For all the pacifist warmongers out there, you can participate in both events, and take in the lovely music of Ghostface Killah while you're at it!

    12:00 Hoplite Battle (yes, the Greeks fought in the rain too)

    2:30 the BIG KISS (making out in the rain is hot, or rather cold tomorrow, but a good way to stay warm!)

    And let's not forget the Scrabble tournament at 9:00 AM, the taekwondo tournament all day long, and all sorts of potential revelry in the evening! What a day!!! I used entirely too many exclamation points in this comment!!

  11. i c  

    trust someone from st.stephen's do this. i'm very proud.

  12. plus  

    There's co-ed naked blood wrestling at 8 p.m. between EC and SIPA.

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