1. homer  

    o raging heroes of the troad

    o mighty warriors great danaan

    sing, muse of their exploits this day

    sing of hamilton lawn.

  2. i want  

    pictures of the people making out instead.

  3. hold your horses  

    those are coming

  4. Just kidding  

    Tao, Achilles was cool. You're not Achilles

  5. ttan  

    Indeed not. I stole someone else's equipment. My war equipment consisted of a Viking helmet, Viking shield, and Viking sword. Unfortunately, it was locked in the Classics Department office over the weekend and I forgot my key. Vercengetorix would have whipped Achilles's ass anyway.

    • uhh, I'm not so sure...  

      "The Romans successfully fended off a coordinated attack by Vercengetorix's army and the relief Gallic army. Vercengetorix surrendered, and was taken to Rome as a prisoner, where 6 years later he was ritually strangled."

  6. ttan  

    And Achilles was a Roman.. when?

  7. ttan  

    I still win. Vercengetorix was never a Viking. Ha!

  8. maker of love, not war

    no pictures of the big kiss bwog? whats up with that? are you going republican on us?

  9. oh come on

    this is MUCH cooler than people making out. people make out like EVERY DAY. they only hople once in awhile.

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