The Big Kiss

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Anna Corke reports on today’s Low Steps face sucking.


Despite rainy weather, about 30-40 people showed up for The Big Kiss. The event was well-documented: two participants brought personal cameras, 3 campus news groups showed up (CTV, Bwog, Spec). One boy told me that he was planning to “make out with his camera.”

First the group gathered around the statue of Pan on the lawn in front of Lewisohn. Conversation ranged from hangovers to class schedules to Shakespeare, with the periodic exclamation: “Does anyone not have a partner!?” Matches were made. Five or six people partook in the complementary honeydew melon slices supplied by the organizers for those without partners. One boy admitted that he “came for the melon.” Others frantically searched their purses for mints.

One of the organizers said, “We totally have critical mass! This is gonna be awesome.” Another assured the singles, “If you need more melon, talk to me.” A third leader explained the procedure: walk out onto the steps above Alma, pair up, and then I’ll blow the whistle. Make out for a full five minutes until I blow the whistle again. Then take your partner’s hand and gleefully run off the steps.

Everyone giggled and held hands as they filed onto the steps, where security guards and concert-goers for the Ghostface Killah show were waiting for the next act. Many turned to watch as the whistle blower blew and about 15 couples paired off and started making out. Security guards and spectators watched with open mouths. There was a 3 person kissing triangle. 3 or 4 girl couples. Some kissed and danced to the music playing over the concert speakers.

The five minutes felt very long – a few people that were standing ended up sitting on the steps, others broke away from their partners’ lips for a moment to see if everyone else was still going at it. Some finished honey dew before the five minutes were up and had to go back for more. Then the whistle blew and the kissers skipped off the steps, exhilarated.


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  1. woooooo!  

    more photos please?

  2. its not pan is it?  

    I was pretty sure that was a statue of Bacchus on Lewisohn lawn

  3. Jonas Salk

    Enjoy mono, kids!

  4. ...  

    everyone making out was pretty ugly, anyway. why weren't there any hotties like those two from the eurotrash party last night

  5. Ruggy  

    Man, Coogan is sooooo hot...

  6. damn  

    the girl making out with coogan is lucky

  7. curious  

    Who is "coogan"? (aside from the boy in the last picture, I assume)

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