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The war’s been waging for a while, but now it’s serious. Are you for direct elections on the Engineering Student Council? Or against? WHERE DO YOU STAND?

Tom Fazzio apparently plays both both sides. “Personally, outside of my role as president, I am an advocate for public elections,” said the Engineers Against Direct Elections member in a recent Spectator editorial.

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  1. System  

    You know, I think what both sides seem to be ignoring is that fact that the debate is one over which system of representation is best, not what the student body actually thinks. Engineers Against has a losing issue when they rely on the outcome of the recent referendum.

    Evaluating a non-democratic process with a democratic one is counter-intuitive. No one is going to vote against him or herself having more power as an individual, even if it's in the best collective interest.

    It's the equivalent of a country putting to a vote whether to have a dictator or a democratically elected leader. There might arguably be a situation (like ESC) where the latter is preferable, but you're not going to get people to vote for it!

  2. shit  

    I meant *former* not latter.

  3. wow  

    ESC becomes a meritocracy? Interesting concept for government. Too bad it hinges on the assumption that engineers are uniform...

    oh wait, uniformly uninterested...

  4. fyi  

    Tom is actually in BOTH facebook groups about the election

  5. ttan

    According to Machiavelli, the stablest government is the republic, where the democracy locked in a perpetual struggle with the aristocracy. Both parties are mutually paranoid and distrustful of the other, and thus virtu emerges among the populace. Therefore, the status quo is ideal. Adam Goldberg & ESC Democracy faction are locked in a struggle with Tom Fazzio & ESC non-democracy (no, I won't call it fascism) faction.

  6. confused  

    I don't really understand why Tom never takes a stance on anything. His joining BOTH groups is a perfect example. Even Bush takes a stance. It's an important part of being a leader.

  7. observation  

    is it just me, or is everyone who supports internal elections really ugly?

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