So Clean, Yet So Dirty

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In an email sent this evening, LLC director Scott Helfrich warns the student body to be on the lookout for a shady character who has been terrorizing a certain floor of McBain as of late. Helfrich included two photos and an account of the man’s actions as described by Public Safety, which reads as follows:

On April 21, 2006 at about 6 P.M. a Columbia University student reported that a male, black, light complexion, shaved head, slim build, 6’ tall, wearing baggy clothes—black shirt, denim pants and white sneakers entered the ladies shower area on the 5th floor of McBain Hall.

No further description of the crime is included, leaving Bwog with a few questions. Did this man enter the building with a CUID? If not, how did he make it past our impenetrable security forces? Was he planning on taking a shower? Maybe he was just confused. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

At any rate, Bwog is happy to finally know for sure what it has always suspected: that creepy stalker guys are more intimidated by Columbia girls than the other way around. According to the email:

When the student confronted the male, he fled.

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  1. Me  

    Was this email sent to everyone? I never received it.

  2. DHI  

    This character will be easy to pinpoint because very few black males are around six feet with shaved heads and baggy clothing, especially not white sneakers, black tees, or some motherfucking denim pants.

  3. hm  

    since most gs students don't seem to be black, I'm going to go ahead and suspect maintenance. or just some random harlem guy who slipped past security.

  4. ps  

    why did only LLC people get warned about this?

  5. cause we're special  

    I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared to open the attachment called "tess.mcbain-shower.doc" Ok, maybe a little excited too...

  6. Male User of McBain Female Bathroom  

    Has anyone figured that it might just be a drunk/high student or friend of a student? I lived on McBain 5 last year, and there were always girls using the guys' bathrooms (and even having sex w/ their BFs), and my friends and I sometimes even ventured into the women's bathrooms.

  7. Stephen  

    aw come on, he probably didn't want to walk around the ginormous circle to get to the guy's bathroom. why go to the men's when the women's may be closer.

    no need for racism.

  8. SCH  

    am in art history office in schermerhorn, and columbia security just came in looking for a guy with that same description-- he was reported to be in the women's bathroom on schermerhorn 7. seriously... eek.

  9. or  

    he could have just been a confused visitor...

    walks into bathroom, sees girl (WTF!), scoots...

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