That’s What Your Lab Partner is For!

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From the ever-amazing Craigslist casual encounters section:

Columbia grad student seeking a girl who likes to get freaky in a
LAB! – m4w – 22

“I am a very hot European grad student at Columbia and I always had a
desire to mess around in some weird place like a library or a computer
lab. Luckily, I have a key to an underground computer lab on campus
that is empty in the evenings and considering that I am graduating
next month … I see it as the last chance to satisfy this dream. We
could start by having a couple drinks or shots in the aforementioned
lab and then see how far we wanna go. If the idea sounds appealing to
you, e-mail me and we can exchange pics and aim around a bit.

Be careful not to catch anything besides senioritis, ladies.

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  1. shira  

    less-risqué but still kind of entertaining craigslist: http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/mis/153281066.html

  2. also  

    check out "men seeking men" and do a search for "butler." quite fruitful.

  3. J Train  

    ...And by "European grad student," he means, "60-year-old flabby midwesterner."

  4. If...  

    If this guy is talking about the CLIC lab, it's not that underground, and there are many CS students who stay there overnight. Keep the sex in the stacks, computer labs are for napping.

  5. Someone  

    Hm. My friend and I were looking up Columbia on craigslist personals a while ago and were able to recognize at least one person based on writing style.

  6. Someone  

    Nah, it has been verified that I am indeed a good detective. Perhaps I should join the B&W and write articles on such topics.

  7. me  

    I want to make a fake scandalously exciting personal on Craigslist and see if the B&W reports on it!

  8. Someone  

    I have no clue what your pirate comments mean. Hm.

    • sw  

      the implication is that hawkins was the craigslist poster referenced in [6]. he took flight when he was found out. come on now

      • same person again  

        Apparently I can only see the symbolism in CC books, not in random online posts about pirates. Oh well.

        By the way, I know of other people who did the looking up people on craigslist thing and seeing if they found anyone they knew and then thinking ??????? wtf, so it's not just me.

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