Too Soon, Sunil. Too Soon.

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John Klopfer reports: Gulati drew up this diagram for us in class today. Note the big smudges where Florida and Louisiana should be… He told us to stop making fun of his drawing, added Florida, changed his mind, erased it (“Who needs Florida, anyway?”), looked closer, smeared the crap out of the Gulf coast, and shrugged a little. Does that circle there look like a hurricane to you?

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  1. Daniella Zalcman  

    Er, he was erasing Texas, not Louisiana. He's liberal, not sick.

  2. Shakeer  

    I interpreted it as him erasing the South.

  3. well,  

    LA got erased anyway. It's pretty funny- nice catch, Bwog.

  4. John  

    Most professors don't bash conservatives in economics class, Sunil has said he won't, and I wouldn't have put it on the record if I thought he had.

    In any case this was a joke of opportunity, not a sicko on a rampage. He turned his bad draughtmanship around nicely, I think.

  5. I actually witnessed this...  

    he wiped out Texas, not Louisiana! hence, the audience laughter and cheers that followed. bwog, you've done an awful job of interpreting this story.

  6. I was there, too.  

    Nothing on his map really jutted out. That was the point. Also, look at a goddmn map before you talk about Louisiana's juttiness. Why, anyway, would the audience laugh only at the destruction of Texas?

    I can't believe I'm writing this.

  7. principles alumnus  

    'audience' says a lot about gulati's classes.

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