Personals: “Materials” “Science” Edition

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School’s almost over and you’re still spending your Saturday nights commenting on the Bwog? Well never fear– your favorite site is here to fix you up. Meet kicky SEAS freshman Tracey. If Ms. Starck gets your motor running, send an email to [email protected] with a sentence or two introduction. Lucky winners get a $5 coffee date. Yowza.

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Girl for Guy


Name: Tracey Starck
(aka Esmeralda Farfignewton)
School: SEAS
Year: 2009
Major: Materials Science
Hometown: Chicago

Top three songs according to iTunes’ play count:
Let Your Troubles Roll By – Carbon Leaf
Think – Aretha Franklin
I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie (tie)
Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics (tie)
You’re trapped on a desert island with three foods– what are they?
•Peanut M&Ms… ’cause food is better if it has 3+ layers (colorful candy shell, sweet sweet chocolate, and crunchy little nut)
•Bacon… ’cause it’s the shit
•Naked Juices (especially Mighty Mango)… ’cause it’s food you can drink
Describe your favorite pair of underwear.
Hot pink with a little lacey trim on top, but this pair gets bonus points for never EVER riding up on me.
It’s 2 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon– where can you be found?
In my room, somewhere between sleeping and playing Snood.
Nightmare date in three words or less:
Needs emergency angioplasty.
So, what are you doing after college?
Traveling the world one continent at a time.
No. I’ll be working three jobs to pay off my substantial student loans. God bless Columbia.
Complete the sentence: When I first came to Columbia, I thought…
‘I could eat John Jay food all day long.’
Favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast. I would pay $1,000,000 for that adorable footstool/dog… if it weren’t for the student loans.
TCBY or Tasti D-Lite?
TCBY! Hands down.

Tracey! You’re the one for me!



  1. oh yeah  

    Unnecessary consonants are so hot.

  2. walt  

    i don't know what this guy is getting at but my bet is that he's probably an asshole. this girl is really funny.

  3. hey  

    she's cute. too bad i'm a music snob.

  4. Haha!  

    I have seen the underwear...on her. I bet all of you are jealous.

  5. check it  

    Tracey Starck

    Tracey Stark

    T Stark

    Tony Stark

    Tony Starks

    Ghostface Killah


    "Tracy got shot in her face"

    I have discovered the concealed note: but is it a death wish or a kinky sexual wish?

  6. ow  

    Tracey esta en fuego! Que caliente!!!

  7. decaf

    Tracey Starck...putting the RACK in TRACK

  8. I dunno  

    I'm a little concerned that there is a t-shirt under tha Hooters tank...

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