Segregation on South Lawn

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Does anyone else think it’s kind of odd that Barnard and GS should go through designated entrances for South Beach on South Lawn? Said one student council member manning the GS table for the event: “Our only instructions were that they not bring in their children.”

We can only presume that College students are served champagne with their canapes while the rest drink Coors light.

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  1. R!ck

    Isn't this what caused the riots in '68?

  2. cc  

    I think it's odd we let GS do anything with us. they're clearly incapable of forming a community among themselves; they're not going to with closer-knit college, seas, and barnard kids.

  3. come on  

    GS people are really interesting, and not low class like everyone makes them out to be. Barnard girls on the other hand...

  4. well yes  

    there is also a different entrance for SEAS.

  5. gosh  

    i figured they were just trying to keep GS men away from barnard womyn. PROTECT OUR DIGNITY FOLKS!!

  6. fools  

    there are only separate entrances so that the people checking to make sure everyone is indeed a member of a Columbia undergraduate school don't have to shuffle among several different lists. It's a time saver, nothing else.

    That said, I'm surprised by the level of concern over verification. You'd think they could spare a few burgers for neighborhood folks, hoboes, grad students, and the like who happened to wander by.

  7. i walked  

    in from the butler side unchecked at like 7...got a couple hot dogs and a burger and left...no worries though, i'm a cc student

  8. it seems to me  

    That bwog shouldn't have presented this as "segregation." While it makes for intresting post fodder, its clearly something that the coordinators did for efficiency purposes. To pose it as segregation simply encourages these inane posts that pit barnard against cc agaisnt GS. It's just boring.

  9. event police  

    why were there burly guys asking me if I needed help with the bracelet but making sure to block me and yell to "PUT IT ON ALL THE WAY" when I thought it was okay just to show them the bracelet thing? yeesh.

  10. J Train  

    I for one think it's strange that Barnard gets to sit in front of SEAS for graduation.

    But that's just me.

  11. what?  

    barnard doesn't have their own graduation? I thought they had a campus over there.

  12. HBK

    The GS bashing on here is getting really old.

  13. umm  

    i don't think gs runs at a net loss. so you can stop bashing now.

    -matthew harrison

  14. dear consummate "good guy" matthew harrison  

    I did not mean financially. for one, I mean columbia devotes lots of time and space to GS which ultimately deprives CC students of intimate class sizes, office hours slots, and badly needed campus space. all this for people whose intellectual calibre does not exactly match that of those who have substantially contributed to columbia's worldwide reputation and prestige. basically, the quality of cc students makes columbia what it is, and gs piggybacks off that.

    that said, I don't take issue with people of non college age taking classes here or earning a degree in general studies. I just don't like the fact that people with lesser credentials managed to get in here because they were a few years older than me and could apply to GS, which is not a substantially different school. they have access to all the same classes and professors, and in many cases clubs and activities. GS has different admissions criteria (it's much much easier to get in) and I think they should have somewhat more limited access to what CC students, who have worked much harder to be here, have earned.

    • to clarify  

      to summarize my position: it's an issue of "you get what you pay for"...I "paid" for my admission to columbia by working tirelessly in high school to achieve high grades, by engaging in endless extracurricular activities, etc. to get into GS, one does not have to "pay" so much in terms of admissions requirements. ergo, I don't see why GS should get the same privileged access to columbia's great resources.

      furthermore, columbia college "pays" for its exclusivity with its high admissions standards, conditioned by the type of student who is able to get in. GS is able to claim all of columbia's prestige without contributing to it. how is this situation, or the one described above, fair?

      I think CC and GS should be completely segregated. different classes for different levels of academic discourse, and different extracurriculars for a different type of "community" (to use this word loosely). at few other schools do "night school" or "adult education" students get to intermingle with the prestigious institutions most directly affiliated to those schools. it's for that reason that career counselors have actually advised me to write "columbia college" on my resume, because many organizations, especially in new york city, know that GS students, while earning a diploma with the columbia name, are not (overall; I'm sure there are individually great GSers) those which have brought our university fame.

      • hey 28/29

        no offense, but i really hope someone kicks your ass before you graduate columbia. if you're unfortunate to graduate without the ass-kissing, prepare for it once you're done here. if the attitude in your posts is any reflection of your behavior toward society, prepare to get your ass kicked at life.

        if not, maybe you'll do society a favor and choke on that silver spoon -- before someone shoves it up your behind.

        • riposte  

          you'll have to do quite a bit of ass-kicking, because a lot of columbia college people feel this way, save for those who are too stoned to care

          • interesting

            That's a really poor reflection of Columbia College. Though I understand many CCers feel similarly toward SEAS, Barnard, and the rest of civilization, so I don't know how much of it should be taken seriously.

            I've never actually heard someone go out of their way to belittle GS (or SEAS or Barnard) in person, though it looks like some go out of their way to do it online. Are they inferior? I don't know. Are they ignorant? Probably. Regardless, I don't see why it bothers them. Those with an opinion generally collectively believe GS students are adults who got into an elite university through a backdoor and have no business being there – for reasons undisclosed, of course.

            I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that of Columbia’s three undergraduate schools, GS, as a division, has the highest cumulative GPA.

      • Not true  

        Actually, /most/ high-ranked schools allow continuing ed students in traditional classes. Think MIT and OpenCourseWare.

      • gpa

        Gee, someone is really anxious about whether or not s/he is #1 in life. What are you so afraid of? Why didn't you go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, etc? I'm a GS student, and my GPA is 4.0. I bet I get into a better grad school than you do. Unless of course your cracker parents buy your way in there as well.

  15. eek

    that's ass-kicking, not kissing. though i'd imagine that with "columbia college" on your resume, you're probably expecting plenty of the former.

  16. Matthew Harrison  

    I guess, where I disagree, 28/29, is the "quality of the academic discourse" issue. When I was at CU (as a student, wiseasses. yes, i'm still here) I saw more difference between freshmen and seniors across schools than I did between seniors at the different schools. Of course, by senior year I was taking mostly seminar classes, so perhaps my sample is skewed, but all I can talk about is my own experience.

    i don't think the admissions standard for GS is all that much lower, either. Certainly, the GS/JTS kids are comparable to their CC/SEAS/Barnard equivalents, and I found that a lot of the older students have had interesting careers as entrepeneurs/artists/writers/etc etc etc. For awhile, the GSSC had a self-made millionaire as their treasurer.

    and, in response to the time point--GS tuition, fees, and donations pay for almost all the administrative time used to support them.

    The school does get a little space in Lewisohn, but it's not all that much.

    Fundamentally,I don't think Columbia's reputation comes from CC. The credentials that matter so much in getting in here don't really mean anything out in the real world, and outside of the US News and World Report, I doubt any adult cares about our SAT scores. Besides, Columbia doesn't report GS scores to US N&WR, do they? (You there, Raza?)

    I'd argue that our reputation comes from the University's professors, more than anything. And I'd claim that GS students don't hurt that.

    • M.R.  

      Well, Columbia only reports CC statistics for admissions to USNWR (much to the chagrin of SEAS-partisans [or as I like to sometimes call them, Fu-Fighters... yeah. bad joke]).

      However one could argue that this supports the arguement that GS rides on CC's coattails if one accepts USNWR as the end all, be all of institutional prestige.

      Then again if you accept USNWR as the holy book of prestige, you'll have to swallow the fact that Duke Penn and Dartmouth are equal or better to Alma Mater.

      • of course  

        educated people never believe that it's the "holy grail," but it makes a lot of difference to the unwashed who consult it for quick reference. and it's certainly shaped, in a big way, how schools change themselves to make themselves more attractve

  17. get over it.  

    I don't understand why people make such a big deal about going to CC. I go to CC, but who gives a crap if the admissions requirements are different for Barnard and GS and they get the same resources. Get over it. Education is incredible, and everyone should get a chance at getting a great one. CC students have a problem with GS students because they took a slightly different path. People's lives are different, and they choose to make different moves at different points. But one choice is certainly not better than the other.

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