<strike>QikckSpec</strike><br> QuickSpec (Hungover Edition)

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  1. dz  

    Francis is pretty fucking badass. I'd like to see you lot handle it better.

  2. favor?  

    can we ALWAYS call it "Qikck Spec"?



    • copyedit  

      "qikck spec" echoes the excellent job done by the paper's crack copyedit team. congratulations, guys. you may be the only editorial staff on any paper ever to add more errors than remove them

  3. where's the 9?  

    i concur about hte qikck spec

    also, give it up for francis for being nice enough to give that much money to someone who looked like they really need it

  4. aww  

    aww, so sad, i wasn't kidding when i asked to call it qikck spec, i was amused...

  5. Shira  

    why is bwog hung over on a wednesday?!

    oh yeah, and francis is super nice.

  6. huh?  

    Bwog, I don't get your gloss on Geiser's column? "Obese"?

  7. Re: Shira  

    Mourning the death of Jane Jacobs by drowning its sorrows in booze.

  8. re: geiser  

    I'm Spartacus! No, I'M Spartacus!

  9. McFister

    If you've seen the movie "Brother" you know exactly how to deal with the broken bottle scam. Jesus Christ, it's one of the oldest short cons in the book. They really ought to offer a course in street smarts. God knows these kids need it.

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