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  1. haha  

    that chris beam column is hilarious.

  2. Whatever it takes....  

    Paige????? Why?

  3. probably  

    because she's hateful. and has a knack for runining her popularity.

  4. RA  

    Best QuickSpec headlines ever.

  5. ooooh  

    Ya, she does hate a lot of stuff.

    But at least she didn't get ghonnerea and/or pregnant like her female foils!

  6. moph  

    chris beam is amazing

  7. Seriously  

    Chris Beam = awesome. 80% death rate? I love it. Clearly we're all in for a treat at the V show.

  8. best.spec quote.ever  

    "Delbanco did not say whether or not the goal was for American studies to be taken more seriously as a major."

  9. Changed my mind  

    See, I was thinking about it, and Paige really isn't all that hateful. Sometimes she is mean, but that's just because she has some insecurities to deal with. I often feel great sympathy for her in certain instances. She is a strong Canadian girl and I admire her strength, despite her occassional bitchiness. She deserves more respect. She also says sooorry. And aboot.

  10. Dear Chris Beam  

    Marry me. Please?

  11. beam sucks  

    he's so unimpressive

    • corporal  

      there was a lot more that could have been done with that concept. i remember reading that joint in japciv last year. but i suppose that man specializes in the cu humor and does well with it. although if i remember from that varsity show preview, he is repeating his own material about the sandwich line at 212.

      its good to see some fuckin print comedy in the spec though. anybody read that new jester?

  12. No plugs  

    Stop plugging your publication, Jester editor/writer.

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