Where there’s smoke…

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Today at about 9:15 AM, the fire alarm in Hamilton went off for the second time in as many days. Students who had just arrived at class left their lessons, filed out the doors, waited around sleepily for about 5 minutes, and then went back inside when they realized the coast was clear.

Apparently, the building was not actually on fire. Which, while good news for the university overall, seems hard to believe when put in the context of Columbia’s new policy of no false alarms. Ever.

Bwog cannot help but feel that the University Administration has lied to us with this new ad campaign. Still, for the record, we have no problem with false fire alarms in academic buildings during pleasant Spring days. It’s those early Friday morning bell tests in residence halls that really need to be done away with.

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  1. Pyromaniac  

    We just shut the door and continued with our discussion. Yay for safety!

  2. dorm res  

    Columbia really should get the kind of fire-alarm boxes that cover your hand in paint. That would cut down on a lot of false alarms.

  3. Elle  

    You can see my class huddled on the steps. We were theorizing ways to make the drill drag out so as to not climb up the stairs back to Italian.

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