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  1. I don't know  

    I'm not sure if that column would deserve said byline. It was a little sappy, but I don't think it was so bad.

  2. Spec senior

    Actually, both senior farewell columns on the editorial page were pretty worthless today. As someone's who's recently written one of these farewell columns, I can tell you that they aren't supposed to be entirely supposed to be about how great you are, or how much you'll miss your friends.

    We've all learned a lot in four years, and we've all been in neat groups. Tell me something new, senior columnists!

  3. moph  

    I actually disagree

    Maybe because I'm friends with both Rachael and Morgan, so I hear the columns in their voices, but I really enjoyed both of them.

    an observation from reading bwog's quick spec regularly: it seems like everybody dislikes 50% of the Spec pieces on any given day, but we can never agree on which 50%.

  4. Dave  

    Why has no one linked to Bari's take-down of Miriam? It's by far the most worthwhile and amusing thing in today's Spec.

  5. Specgirl  

    I thought that Morgan's column was spectacular. No silly shout-outs, no lessons learned. Just pure, raw emotion. I was blown away. Y'all just wish you could write like that...

    • to be fair...  

      Bowg’s headline did not insult morgan’s writing style…it just pointed out content similarities between this column and fernanda diaz’s columns. The only way that this headline is insulting to morgan’s talent as a writer is if you consider fernanda to be untalented--then the comparison is insulting. So, specgirl, you seem insulted--is that the spec’s official stance?

      • Specgirl  

        I wasn't responding to the headline. I was responding to one of the previous comments, which described the column as "worthless".

        And no, my comments do not reflect Spec's "official stance" on the headline, Fernanda, or the column. They solely reflect the views of one Spec reader who was very, very impressed by Ms. Seller's column. (Geez...)

      • re: to be fair...  

        yes, Anonymous Comment 7, the Spec's official stance on Fernanda is mild defensiveness.

        --not actually a speccie.

        --not actually serious.

  6. fan

    i vote bari weiss and jen spyra for spec sex columnist(s)! their editorial is not just the best thing in the spec TODAY; it may be the best thing in the spec EVER. down with miriam icantspellherlastname!

  7. Nostalgic  

    Who will join me on the Brooklyn Bridge?

  8. proud friend  

    SO -- Fern has one first place in a national column writing contest, further proving that you guys are all tools:


  9. ...  

    bari weiss and jen spyra rock!

  10. miriam takedown  

    Could they have at least also mentioned that her columns were boring/pointless? I mean what they said was right but regardless of your views they're just objectively bad.

  11. pool boy  

    As a pool I am offended by their use of the term "flamboyantly gay pool boys." I am not flamboyantly gay. I am a closet homosexual pool boy.

  12. laughing  

    did anyone else notice that in one of the photos in the article about the manhattanville protest (specifically, the photo on the 2nd page), there's a woman carrying a poster against... "colubia"?

    • even better  

      check out the one sign that says "stop columbia's land theft plan against minority community !!!"

      clearly not the sort of people who place much value in an institution of higher education...

  13. Hey!  

    What about the sensitive straight guys who cry but also enjoy beautiful shaved/unshaved vaginas? That said, shaved is just easier to go down on, which Miriam clearly dislikes. So wouldn't she advocate not shaving? In either case, being a sensitive straight man, I'm confused...Should I start crying now????

  14. expansion  

    I feel no guilt at all. The expansion should proceed ahead of schedule. The faster we get rid of those disgusting protestors, the better off Columbia (and the world) will be.

  15. dear lord  

    You only expose your own ignorance of social dynamics by posting comments like that.

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