Breaking: Bee Shaffer Takes Up Bwog’s Challenge!

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When Bwog calls, our readers answer. Remarking on her fashion column in the Telegraph, we asked Bee Shaffer to settle the age-old question, the apple of discord that has been hurled into so many groups of friends, tearing them apart: New Balances or Converses?


Bee writes in:

Up until last year I wore New Balance sneakers everywhere, but then
my boyfriend, at the time, told me I was wearing “grandma shoes”
and bought me a pair of black Converse. I threw out the New Balance
and haven’t gone back since.

Which is less than comforting to Bwog, who is currently sporting gray New Balance 991s–although our grandmother is quite fashionable!


  1. a question for bwog

    if you tap on bee's head, does it make a noise?

    • meh  

      At least ms. shaffer is willing to be a good sport about having anonymous assholes like yourself make inane comments about her. I dont know what that says about her intelligence but it does say that she's less cowardly than you.

    • an answer  

      wasn't it bwog who posed the ridiculous question to begin with? by asking her a question about SNEAKERS, bwog is completely restricting her to her public persona, fueling any prejudices that might already exist against her. i don't think it's fair.

  2. chuck  

    having owned both, new balances don't make me want to chop my legs off at the knee after long periods of standing, like my converse do.

  3. agreed  

    why so uncomfortable? forsake comfort for style? i suppose.

  4. DHI  

    New Balance are quality shoes. I will continue to wear mine until a few weeks after they start to fall apart.

    • sw  

      correct, friend

      i wore chucks from grades four through eleven, but i could no longer stand how quickly they fell apart, so i went to new balance. i have only owned 2 or 3 pairs of shoes since then. i am a lazy, lazy man

  5. moph

    i was really proud of my chinese "diesel"'s and "puma"'s, until i realized that there was a 100% chance they were made in a sweatshop.

    they're still great shoes, though..

  6. adidas sambas  

    rock. period.

  7. tappa-tappa-tappa

    some people take bwog far too seriously.

  8. they_got_charlie!  

    Weathered Blue Suede Adidas Campus II: more timeless than hip.

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