Cinco de Mayo…in April?

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No, you didn’t fall asleep last night and sleep for a week, they just decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo early. The Low steps are as multicultural as it gets this time of year–the Armenians, Hawaiians, Japanese, and more ethnic groups Bwog is too hungover from last night’s post-Varsity-Show partying to remember have laid claim to the space in recent weeks. Do the evangelicals count?

At least this time there’s a real live taco truck on College walk. Please, if you’re going to get sick from food poisoning, head to the park first.

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  1. Vartan  

    The Armenians had to leave early because of a hostile group of genocidal Turks.

  2. mk  

    the tortas at the taco stand were amazing. no food poisoning so far...

  3. d.  

    And the dancing was amazing too...

  4. DHI  

    Come on, people. What's the deal with this whole "clean food thing" - first the taqueria, than this. Food cooked ona greasy grill is not gonna give you food poisoning. If you see a polished-looking-type place its food is usually either not so tasty or too expensive. Bwog, ya'll aren't supposed to be snobs or idiots.

  5. impartial observer says  

    eloy gardea and fernando rojas are the shit.

  6. un-impartial observer  

    ernesto is cooler.

  7. partial observer  

    I was only able to partially observe this scene I don't feel qualified to make generalized statements about it.

  8. noop  

    This was posted before the event was over -so I suppose the April-May difference threw bwog off so much that they didn't realize the event was over. Oh, & that little boy dancer wins at life.

  9. d.  

    yeah... do you think anyone would notice if I kidnapped him? pleeeeease?

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