1. John K.  

    Give these guys a free advertisement in the May issue, if you can.

  2. well  

    I feel sorry for them, but this is the market at work. they should have made better food.

  3. have you eaten there?  

    they do make good food. this is evil forces at work.

    • yeah I have  

      yes, I have eaten there. I was not impressed.

      I find that, very often, people are willing to rally to save mom and pop stores no matter what deficiencies they possess. their food can be rotten, their service miserable, the atmosphere uncomfortable- but we have to be upstanding, moral citizens, right? I certainly know I didn't find La Rosita to my fancy, and I find it hard to believe that many others would be entranced by it.

  4. they make great food  

    they just don't advertise and the stores on that block are just far enough from columbia to be less visited and less popular than the other blocks

  5. lost  

    I would love to go to Rosita, but I, well, have no idea where it is...and although I could go and look for a map/website online, but I'm lazy, so I think it would make a lot more sense for Bwog to post a map for how to get there and some suggestions for what I should order.

  6. Yeah, the food is not the problem  

    and it is so much less annoying and more low-key than almost any place else around here.

  7. I'm convinced  

    that the positive commenters have never eaten there. it sucks. i went once, thought it sucked and then decided to give it another chanced. you know what? it sucked worse the second time. good riddence la rosita.

    • opinions are  

      subjective..and you're really just being a jerkhole when you claim positive commentors have never eaten there. If youre portugese like myself and want rice and beans then la rosita is excellent. People who've never been their before should try their huevos ranchos for breakfast. You may not like most of teh dishes there, but that doesn't mean that they don't have a sizeable group of people who enjoy the food there. Not everybody on campus is emamored with tomo, petrutti, le monde and all the other overrated places aroudn here.

  8. which reminds me  

    a question to blog? why not do a periodic review of some of the more hidden places to eat around here.

  9. Noche Mexicana  

    Why eat at either place when there is Noche Mexicana, cheaper, better, and Far more authentic on 102nd and Amsterdam. They deliver in like 10 minutes, its ridic fast.

  10. Noche Mexicana?  

    As far as authentic Mexican food is concerned, Taqueria is numero uno.

  11. screw you all  

    tastiest stuff in the world: taco bell

  12. not in new york  

    There is very little good Mexican food in New York, much less in the Columbia area (I can hardly bring myself to respond to the Taco Bell comment). As for the string of comments, seems a bit silly- if you like it, try to save it; if you don't, don't. Not too complex.

  13. moph

    half chicken with rice and beans..... mmmmmmmm

  14. in love with fried plantains  

    I thought that La Rosita served cuban food...am I wrong here? The last three times I've been there, I've had the most delicious chicken, beans, rice, and fried plantains.

  15. groupin your hispanics..  

    la rosita doesn't even serve the same food as la taqueria, in love with plantains is right--la rosita is carribean, not mexican. just take a look at their menus. as much as i love taqueria, it could never satiate my cravings for roasted chicken n plantains...

  16. i don't think these posts are sillyq  

    it just shows how different people's tastes are. why would positive commentors comment if they haven't been there? that is just bad logic. last time i was there, they were super-friendly and the food was super-good. dunno what some of you are griping about, probably because you don't like that kind of food anyway and prefer other things...urgh.

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