Where there’s smoke…

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While working on papers in EC at about 12:00 pm, Bwog smelled a wood fire. Looking out the window, we saw smoke pouring out of an apartment on the corner of 118 and Morningside Avenue. Almost immediately, four fire trucks pulled up. Ladders were raised to the roof and the blaze was extinguished in about ten minutes.


  1. ttan  

    How the heck is that 118 and Broadway?

    1. If its Broadway on the east side, it would be Columbia.

    2. If its Broadway on the west side, it would be Barnard.

    3. Either way, nfw you can get that shot of Broadway from East Campus.

  2. Bwog  

    Thank you for the observation. It is, in fact, 118 and Morningside Avenue (across the Park). The correction has been made.

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