1. helllooooo  

    that's not chemistry, that's mathz!

  2. John  

    There was chem on the Hamilton Lawn side of the pavilion... somebody chose to use the wrong photograph for the caption.

  3. ttan  

    Ha! Poor SEAS people.

  4. ..  

    maybe it's the professors' who wrote it and it's hints for the final exams....

  5. ..  

    yes, because people are being tested on proofs of the pythagorean theorem. then again..."mathematics for poets"?

  6. did  

    bwog really just surrender to chris kulawik? for shame.

  7. Wow.  

    According to a comment written on the steps of the pavilion, the chemistry was for illegal drugs. Anyone want to verify that?

  8. cc!  

    Omg! Actually, I can explain this photo. It may sound strange, but this was actually part of a CC presentation. We had part of our class outside on Monday evening, and the math you see here was one student's interpretation of a book we read, Invisible Cities. Each student had to do a creative response to the work, and several chose to do math, physics, or chemistry equations that expressed ideas in the book. Pretty much the best CC class project ever–

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